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Alfred Hitchcock is haunting my backyard…. July 25, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Life.
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     So, I’m heads down at my laptop digging around in my work email.  Peripherally, I keep seeing these quick shadows streak past the windows….black forms that dart past too fast for me to make out.  I wasn’t sure if it was the trees blowing in the wind, or something else.  There is always alot of activity in my backyard.  Living on a lake I see finches, mocking birds, bluebirds, rabbits, turtles, herons, squirrels, ducks, a snake, the occasional fish splash, and (queue Charlton Heston voiceover) those damn dirty geese!  After I’ve seen two black forms that appear to be a bird, a big bird at that……and not he of yellow feathers and Sesame Street……I decide to look out the back door to see what all the fuss is about.  ACK!!  There I find 20 to 25 black crows flying around my yard.  Swooping to attack each other, and hanging out in my fig tree.  Alfred Hitchcock is haunting my backyard!  I kept expecting to see Tippi Hedren swinging in my hammock!  I bang a stick on the rail of my deck a few times, and the noise seems to scare them away.  But it leaves me wondering why scenes like this seem to happen in my yard.  About a year and a half after I had moved in, the wooded area across the lake was cleared for yet another neighborhood of big houses crammed on 1/4 acre lots.  Apparently that wooded area was the home to a plethora of geese.  I had seen about 10, maybe 15 at the most, on the lake up to this point.  I’d spent the first year in my home sending the dogs out every 15 minutes to chase them out of the yard, attempting to break their affection for my yard since the former homeowner would feed them corn.  After the woods were cleared, the number of geese increased tenfold.  I would come home to find my entire front yard blanketed by these feces machines.  One night, I was letting the dogs out for their final potty break of the evening.  There was a full moon, so the motion sensor lights didn’t come on.  While I was standing outside watching the dogs sniff every blade of grass imaginable, I got this uneasy feeling as if I was being watched.  I scanned the horizon for my peeping tom, and slowly turned toward the lake.  There I found 150 geese floating on the water, staring at me with their little black eyes.  As I began to move slowly around the yard, they followed me either by moving their heads to keep me in their line of sight or by gliding along the water pacing me as I crossed the yard.   They were watching me…..waiting for me to go inside so they could raid my Kentucky fescue.  

Alfred Hitchcock is haunting my backyard.



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