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Redux August 1, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Movies.
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So, as mentioned in my The Mummy novella, the preview before the movie was for Jason Statham’s new film Death Race.  In case you haven’t seen the 100 or so commercials shown in the last three days, it’s about a guy who gets sent to a prison where they hold these demolition-esque races to the death that the prisoners must participate in……hence the title Death Race.  Funny how that works huh?  Jason Statham….former stuntman and he of The Italian Job and The Transporter……is not really known as a dramatic actor of Shakespearean levels, so it’s not startling that he’s in this movie.  What did startle me was the actress playing the warden at the prison and creator of the “game.”  That would be Joan Allen…..she who is known as a dramatic actor of Shakespearean levels……Tony Award winning, Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe nominated actress, whose closest foray into action films was portraying Pamela Landy in the Bourne movies.  Yeah…I know!  Talk about a change in career paths!? 

But aside from my astonishment at seeing Joan Allen in this film, what struck me the most was how much this movie seems to mirror that 80’s throwback starring Ahnold and the late Richard Dawson.  (Admit it….you thought he was dead too)  In the Ahnold movie, the prisoners get a chance to leave jail if they can survive this death gauntlet game which is a TV show.  Now while this movie was based on a book by Stephen King, it at the time resembled a movie from 1975 titled Death Race 2000.  In that movie, contestants participate in a cross country race/game where they get points for hitting various pedestrians.  Yeah….has to make you wonder if that’s where the points for pedestrians joke comes from which is always said when someone is crossing the street in front of you.  Now, while these movies aren’t exactly alike, they’re very close in theme, and therefore can be forgiven with just an eye roll.  But what about all the blatant remakes.  It seems everytime you turn around, a movie is getting remade.  Ocean’s Eleven, Cape Fear, Brideshead Revisited, The Parent Trap, Yours, Mine, & Ours, Father of the Bride, War of The Worlds, The Italian Job……..RoboCop.  Ok….clean the freshly sprayed drink off your computer screen.  They are remaking that cinematic marvel RoboCop.  Perhaps that should have been the point of my ramble.  I can’t believe they’re remaking fucking RoboCop.



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