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TV Rant: The Closer August 14, 2008

Posted by Alichat in TV.
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Last Monday night’s episode of The Closer, while funny and lighthearted, was rather disappointing.    If you are a fan of the show, you will have seen last week’s episode titled ‘Live Wire’ where Brenda screwed her fiancee over so she could close a case.  Just to recap, she lied to him so she could get his FBI case file, promised him he’d be able to collar the guy to turn him into FBI informant, then grabbed the guy herself, and talked him into going to prison instead of turning evidence for the FBI.  This destroyed three years worth of work for Fritz, wasted goverment money as they showed up for a sting which had already happened, sent him to a sponsor and two AA meetings, and swiftly told him where his place was in Brenda’s world.  While he places her first in everything, he was not as important to her as her job.  The episode ended with Fritz storming out of their home with a loud slam.  Now for this week’s episode, I didn’t expect that it would be all about the conflict between Brenda and Fritz, but I expected tension.  I expected that if they were in a scene together, there would still be anger….there would still be that open wound.  In their only scene together, Brenda had been called back into the office from a vacation with Fritz, who’s only lines were to lightheartedly tease her.  WTF?  Where’s the scene showing Fritz had been sleeping in the guest bedroom, showing that he’d packed a bag and had been staying at a hotel?  Again, I’m not looking for an entire episode of them fighting, but some acknowledgement of the betrayal from a week before would be nice. 

One thing I can not stand in television shows is when they have a pivital, emotional subplot that explodes in an episode, then dies a quick death in the pool of M&M and Toyota commercials before the next episode.  It’s lazy writing.  A prime example of this was also seen on Grey’s Anatomy in season 3 when we, and Izzie, are introduced to her daughter whom she’d given up for adoption at the age of 16.  The eleven year old, now battling luekemia, needs a bone marrow transplant.  We see Izzie deciding what to do.  Then next week…..nothing.  A storyline ripe with drama that most actors would beg for, was dumped by the wayside.  Instead, producers chose to focus on the disastrous adultery story with Izzie and George. 

So, dear producers of The Closer, please don’t dump this subplot.  Use it to grow the relationship between Fritz and Brenda.  Use it to grow Brenda’s character.  Thank yeewww



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