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Don Cheadle is the man August 27, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Movies.
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Monday night I got passes to a sneak preview of the movie, Traitor, starring Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, and Jeff Daniels.  Yes…this was the same group that sent me tickets to The Mummy 3.  Luckily Meredith and I weren’t in line in front of Bob, so no, I don’t have an update on his house situation.  I walked into this film only knowing the title and stars.  Very unusual for me.  Typically, I know portions of the plot, issues during filming, and various other trivia bits.  Knowing that it was a political thriller, I was concerned that this would dive into some diatribe about Iraq.  And while some of it takes place in the Sudan, it had a different message.  I won’t give the plot away as that’s a pet peeve of mine, and I’d rather you enjoy the movie.  But I will say Don Cheadle did an excellent job, as did his co-star Said Taghmaoui (previously seen in Vantage Point and The Kite Runner.)  Guy Pearce is great as well, but his “southern” accent was throwing me off all night.  He’s Australian, but proved in LA Confidential that he can pull of a flat American accent.  I’d have preferred that to the one he attempted in Traitor.   Also, Jeff Daniels’ character is never fully developed, and when you see the movie, you’ll realize why that’s a bit of a plot hole.  Otherwise, it was an entertaining, thought provoking thriller.  It has been compared to the Bourne trilogy, and while I agree it’s as smartly written as the Bourne movies, Cheadle’s ‘Samir Horn’ doesn’t kick ass as well as Damon’s ‘Jason Bourne.’  (yes…I know…I’m biased because I luvs me some Damon)   Speaking of writing, guess who came up with the story and serves as Executive Producer???  Steve Martin?  Yes….that “wild and crazy guy!”  But don’t worry, no one breaks out in song about a certain Egyptian boy king.



1. GoldieReels55 - August 28, 2008

Did anyone happen to catch the Don Cheadle skit on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night? It was a goofy behind-the-scenes look at his new film Traitor, and it had me laughing non-stop! He’s such a great actor, and it’s nice to see he has an awesome sense of humor too! Traitor is in theaters now. If you missed the skit, you can find it here:

2. Alichat - August 28, 2008

Goldie….thanks for the link! It was very funny….especially the fish slapping bit!

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