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Come on Eileen… August 28, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life.
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So, in between watching US Open tennis (Safin did NOT have a foot fault), the DNC, occasional dreams containing Nathan Fillion (roooaaawwwrrrr), and work, I took a small break to check out People mag online.  Imagine my surprise, but guess what I learned has come back into fashion…..baggy jeans!!!  I know this because….well Tim Gunn said so.  I don’t watch Project Runway, but have friends and family that do, and word is Tim Gunn knows what he’s talking about.  Just throwing that out there for your perusal.  So, Tim drops this news on the world in a small blurb of an article where he’s critiquing Mrs. Tom Cruise.  Yes, Katie Holmes, the Stepford Wife/newly-minted-with-Tom’s-money style icon.  Since she’s doing the broadway bit in a bid to give her acting career some credibility, she’s taken to wearing a pair of baggy jeans (supposedly an old pair of Tom’s, rolled up because she’s clearly a good four inches taller than him on a bad day), a black shirt, ballet flats, and a fedora.  Some have said this is standard bohemian fare for the theatre folks.  Whether you believe that or not, is it really a wholly bad thing that baggy jeans might be coming back into fashion?  I mean, the average size for women is a size 12.  The majority of the population can’t or shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.  Most of us already wear what would be considered by the fashion world as baggy jeans anyway.  So I say the hell with it.  Embrace the baggy jean…..allow yourself to breath…..get rid of that red imprint along your waistline……..use the term muffin top in its literal instead of descriptive sense…..enjoy sitting, bending, and squatting in your jeans instead of standing bolt upright all night……pull out your granny panties and give the thongs a break…….Life’s too short.

Oh….and just for the record, she looks like a lost member of Dexy’s Midnight Runners to me.



1. safinator - August 28, 2008

Maybe if you had been paying more attention you would have seen the replays that clearly show that Safin had foot faulted. There is no question about it whatsoever.

2. Alichat - August 28, 2008

Awww……I was paying complete attention. Thank you for your incorrect assumption. You know, Safin was called for a foot fault twice in that match. I’m curious how you know which one I’m talking about? I’m assuming, since it’s getting the most press, that you believe I am talking about the center line foot fault called at 4-5 in the fourth set on Safin’s second serve. While the replays filmed from directly behind Safin, affording the best angle to call the fault, show that his foot did edge the line a bit, I agree with Safin that it was a controversial call for a side linesman to make from the other side of the court. And let’s not forget that this is a call RARELY made in Grand Slam tournaments. So rare that Michael Barkann and John McEnroe didn’t know the rule, causing Tracy Austin to actually pull out the rule book and read the exact verbiage, which is still open for interpretation. Regardless, I think Safin has a good point. It was not a call a side linesman should make from Spadea’s side of the court. But in the end, he won the match, so c’est la vie.

Thank you for your Safin comment in my Katie Holmes’ baggy jeans blog.

3. safinator - August 28, 2008

Sorry, it was an EGREGIOUS fault. It was clear as day in the video. There may be some point to the claim that the official could not see it, but clearly that was not Safin’s main point. His main point was just that he should get to do whatever the heck he wants. Why else would he add things such as (paraphrased) “I should get a warning” (false), “these people never picked up a racquet and they are telling pros what to do” (how does he know they never picked up a racquet, and irrelevant in any case), “some stupid rules made in 1850” (its still a rule. there is no evidence it is not called when it happens. its just that most people follow the rule. nor is it stupid. it is not hard to avoid a foot fault, but it is crucial to have a rule limiting where a person is allowed to stand to serve, and that is what that rules is about).

That McEnroe doesnt know the rule, so what? That just reflects badly on him. McEnroe was so out of it that he thought (1) your foot had to be entirely over the line (how could he *possibly* believe that) and (2) it was only the point of contact that mattered.

4. safinator - August 28, 2008

“the rule book and read the exact verbiage, which is still open for interpretation.”

“verbiage”?? The rule book is the rule book, and it is pretty clear. I dont think there is any room for interpretation on this.
You would rather go by, say, what some hot-headed poor sportsman says rather than the “verbiage” of the rule book?

(Where there is room for interpretation, if you read carefully, appears to be that you are allowed to start with both feet inside the legal area, then left one up and place it to the other side of the centre line without touching it. I doubt this is intended, but it seems as if it might be allowed by the rules)

5. Alichat - August 28, 2008

**Sigh**……Safinator….it’s clear you are not a Safin fan, and in all honesty, I just don’t care if you are or not. You seem to be getting as worked up about this as Safin did on court after the call was made. Again…this is a blog about a pair of baggy jeans, not about the US Open. I will clarify my points, since you didn’t seem to fully understand them…….then I’m done.

1) I think the chair umpire should have called a let and had Safin have another second serve. Not because he didn’t foot fault on the center line, but because of the linesman that called it. Just to remove any concern of impropriety

2) I agree that Safin’s belief that he should get a warning on a foot fault is alot of wishful thinking.

3) My point in stating that McEnroe was unaware of the rule was to point out how rare it is that this rule is enforced. If you think it reflects badly on him for not being familiar with it, then you must agree that it reflects badly on the US Open linesmen for their inconsistency in enforcing the rule over the years.

4) My ‘thank you’ for posting in my blog was dripping with sarcasm. But I now must give a true thank you, because you’ve given my friends a good laugh.

Again…to sum up…..you dislike Safin; I don’t care; he won the match, so in the end who gives a shit; c’est la vie, the blog is about a pair of baggy jeans…unless Safin is crawling out of Katie’s baggy jeans, he will no longer be the topic…..k?

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