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Don’t Believe Everything You Read September 9, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Life, Politics.
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It’s funny how things never really change no matter how old you get.  Typically I don’t think of my age unless someone asks me what it is.  Even then, I have to do quick subtraction in my head.  When you’re a child, age is used as an excuse for your lack of understanding something. “You’re only seven.  You’re too young to understand.”  “You’re only 15, you don’t understand about being an adult.”   I thought once I became an adult, getting comments like that from your parents would end.  And I was partly right. 

I stopped by my mother’s home to pick up something and got talked into dinner.  As we were chatting about random things, a news teaser popped up on the television about Sarah Palin.  I mistakenly smirked between bites of Moo Goo Gai Pan.  I say mistakenly because having a political conversation with my mother, or more importantly with her husband, is like banging your head against a wall.  Accomplishes nothing but giving you a headache…..well more like a migraine with the husband.  Luckily, he was too busy working to notice.  But my mother was not.  “Why do you react like that?” and she said this with genuine confusion on her face.  Because, I have zero respect for Palin”  “What?  You don’t like Palin?”  Now, let me interject that my mother knows I am not a Republican…..none of her children are.  “You aren’t happy there’s a female running?”  Side note…..hello mother….24 years ago…..Geraldine Ferraro….this is not new) “No, I don’t like her policies, and I’m offended that they think I will just happily vote for her because she has a vagina between her legs.”  This makes my mother flinch for just a moment, but not enough to wipe the stunned look of her face. To add to this sitcom moment, I find that I have paused mid-bite to do the confused doggie head tilt.  I can’t believe she’s so stunned. 

“What policies are you talking about?  What don’t you like?”   “I think she’s a hypocrite mom.  She’s against sex education in schools, and preaches abstinence only while her 17 year old daughter walks around pregnant.  I’d say that shows that preaching ‘abstinence only’ doesn’t work, and perhaps we should give teens a backup plan if they choose to have sex.  Not every pregnant teen will have a family that can support and help them.  And she likes to say she’s for change and against government subsidies, yet she’s given out $50 million in subsidies to big companies.   And she’s a member of a group that supports Alaska being able to secede from the US, yet she’s standing on the stage shouting “Country First.’  I’m just not impressed.”  Oddly, she still seems stunned.  Granted I did rattle all this off in machine gun fashion whilst still able to partake of my Moo Goo, but honestly she should be accustomed to this style of response from me.  “Where did you hear all this?”  “I read it Mom”  “Well, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”  Said with a dismissive hand wave.  

Now….as you can imagine, this aggravated me.  I’m an adult.  I own a nice house, my own car, have a good job, helped raise my siblings, have been ‘parent’ to three dogs, and helped raise my niece and nephews.  I don’t seem to have issues making decisions doing that.  Why are my political thoughts, research, and beliefs now being flippantly dismissed as if I’d reached them by reading Wikipedia?  And it was said almost out of frustration.  She then asked if I read it in a note from my brother and his wife, rolling her eyes about an email they’d sent out recently about Palin.  A note I know nothing about.  The irony of this is my mother is notorious for sending out emails about conservative agendas, religious beliefs, and prayer chain letters. 

Once I convinced my mother that I actually did read this somewhere reputable, she decided to change the subject.  (It probably didn’t help that I expressed my frustration that Palin’s speech was petty and uninformative.)  Who knew that the advent of the information age would now become the excuse to dismiss differing opinions.  Because I surf the net on a regular basis, have friends via the internet, and prefer to read CNN online as opposed to watching the talking heads, I am apparently now a complete idiot….incapable of forming intelligent thoughts with all opposing opinions having been formulated by that poisonous snake…..THE INTERNET…..here I sit, being judged by a woman who answered her cell phone during a meeting at work, and then wonders why I’m scolding her for being unprofessional.



1. sandybeach - September 9, 2008

Your mother sounds like mine…..maybe its the menopause thing???? We’ll never understand em

2. Kirsten - September 12, 2008

My mom and I disagree on a lot; but we both agree that Palin is a might scary. We watched the DNC a little; but I was out of town for the RNC. The Internet isn’t the problem, it’s where you go for info that’s the issue. Keep tring Alison; maybe they’ll be an “AH-Ah” moment after all.

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