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Oh Dear Mr. Darcy!! September 11, 2008

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Oh dear!!  I missed Mr Darcy’s birthday!!  Well, really Colin Firth’s birthday.  But he will always be Darcy to me!  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy Matthew MacFadyen’s portrayal of Darcy in Joe Wright’s woefully scaled down version of Pride & Prejudice, but there is no one who can portray the wealthy, handsome, and proud Darcy who is lovesick for Miss Elizabeth Bennett as well as Colin Firth.  Yesterday was Colin’s 48th birthday.  The man gets handsomer every year!  And it’s just distressful that I did not remember my “husband’s” birthday?!?!  (A title given to him by my friend Sandy who is entertained by my adoration)  But really…..why would you not adore him???  Look at him!  Who could not swoon over that lovely smile, insanely perfect posture, wonderful accent, and his uncanny ability to deliver lines like “I like you very much.  Just as you are” without sounding fake, patronizing, or just plain silly. 

While Colin Firth is most well known in the US for portraying a Mr Darcy in three films, I would recommend checking out more from his extensive resume.  Most notably, The English Patient, Valmont, Circle of Friends, Shakespeare In Love, Nanny McPhee, What A Girl Wants (if only to see him dancing around in tight leather pants!), Love Actually, and The Importance of Being Earnest.  There are many more…..including Mamma Mia where you will be surprised to discover that Colin has a lovely singing voice.

I say pop in a film of Colin’s and have a toast to his birthday!  I may pop in two since I’m belated in my birthday wishes!  Here’s hoping you had a wonderful birthday Colin and that your 48th year is filled with love and happiness!!



1. Scarlet - September 18, 2008

Let us not forget Bridget Jones Diary which let’s me watch both Mr. Firth AND Mr. Grant. Double yum!

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