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The Coens, A Snorter, and My Mom…. September 12, 2008

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Tonight, I got a chance to see a sneak peek of Burn After Reading.  Along for the ride, my friends, Mere and Court, and my mother!  I had wondered if Mom would enjoy this film.  She was quite excited about seeing it, but I think she had forgotten about the Fargo woodchipper scene and the Coen Brothers’ love of the word fuck……a word she seriously dislikes.  I won’t give away the plot of the movie (even though Entertainment Weekly already has), except to say that it was funny, sad, shocking, and for some reason, Frances McDormand recycled her “you betcha” North Dakota accent from Fargo.  Very Coen.  And was an interesting story on how Government is populated with idiots and women always come out on top.  Well….that’s my interpretation! 

As I said earlier, I was a little anxious to see how my mother would be.  Not just because of the plethora of fucks, but because watching a movie with my mother can be….for lack of a better word….taxing.  She’s not one to just sit back and WATCH a movie.  As the film began, I get the usual from her.  “What did he just say?” , “Oh lord…**sigh**” , and my all time favorite “Why did he/she ________. (go in that room, shoot that person, say that, do that, choose that, lose that, etc)”  Basically any question pertaining to the plot, with an answer that will shortly be revealed if she’d just shut it and watch the film!  So as she’s asking these questions, I’m trying my best to ignore it, shrug, or mumble an “I don’t know.”  After about the 10th question, I was reduced to my Tom Hanks’ in A League Of Their Own moment.  Remember when Jimmie is expressing to Evelyn that she is still missing the cut-off man, and in stifling his urge to yell, causes his body to shake vigorously?  That was me.  “Mom…….I….you…..wha……just…watch…..the movie”  This seems to stifle her for awhile.  Shortly after this, an audience member continues to cackle uncontrollably after a scene.  This causes pockets of laughter throughout the theatre, which then explodes when the guy in front of Mere snorts loudly….more than once!  Later during the film, a woman behind us begins to guess the next line of dialogue, to some success, but only because she was guessing on the minor moments “Who is this?  MORON!!”  The highlight of the evening, and that which still makes me break out into peals of laughter, is this.  At a certain pivotal point in the film, my mother leans over to me…..“Um..Is that pillow for acid reflux, or is he using it for something I don’t know about?”  When you see the film, you’ll know what pillow she’s talking about.  After I begin laughing uncontrollably, she says loudly and with a shrill voice “Qwee-it (quit) laughing at me!!”  which only causes me to laugh more!  **Sigh**  Aw, moms…..you gotta love em!  I wonder if I should let her borrow my karma sutra book??



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