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My Flashback to 1985 September 17, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life.
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Monday night, I’m flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch on television.  One of many downsides to long term business travel is the channel withdrawal.  At home…..500 channels…..Hilton Hotel…..30 with 1/3 of them being news channels.  As I was surfing, I found Jimmy Kimmel Live and a flashback to 1985.  I remember the first time I heard that addicting dance tune from my permanent perch in front of the television, purposely stuck on MTV 24 hours a day.  As I took in the lead singer’s shimmery dress, gravity defying big hair, heavily lined eyes, long painted nails, stilettos, and high cheek bones, I recall thinking “Damn that’s some deep voice for a wom…….wait a minute!”  The object of my confusion……Pete Burns from Dead or Alive.   The über-glam version of Boy George. 

Of course, now he looks like the poster child for plastic surgery addiction.  Seriously…..this is a good picture.

    But, I digress. 

Monday night, the creator of this androgenous flashback…………………………..Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel.  

Wow look at the hair on that wom…..wait a minute!



1. meresquared - September 17, 2008

Dude…..I totally know what you are talking about….when they were on the vma’s I was like “Wow how does her hair stay like…..oh shit I think thats a man” The funniest thing is the kid in the band with the dreds is his twin.

2. Maddie - September 24, 2008

Dude….. leave him alone, man. The band’s amazing, hes hot, and his hair is freaking awesome! (although i do think its funny that Tom, the twin, has dreds!)

3. h - October 10, 2008

omg the dude in the dreads is so fucking hot and so is every1 in tokio hotel sooooooooo!

4. Almery - October 21, 2008

the band is epic, he IS hot, and so is tom (his twin, the one with the dreds)
although at times bill is very feminine, he isn’t gay.

5. Leslie - October 21, 2008

Bill and tom kaulitz are f’in HOT (:

6. indra ramos - October 22, 2008

amo a tokio hotel

7. Tieryn - October 22, 2008

Dude Bill is gorgous, German Men are Prettier than their women. just look at that . and his twin, Tom, and Georg and Gustav. God i freakin love those 19 year olds, and the others. GO TOKIO HOTEL, SO BEAUTIFUL.

8. Flora - October 22, 2008

So Bill and his bro have their own style and look sorta feminine, so what? And he’s a really sweet person…I see nothing wrong with his looks, it’s unique and pretty cool :]

9. Alichat - October 23, 2008

So….after receiving five comments today on this month old blog, I feel I need to clarify. I’m getting the impression I’ve been listed as a target on the Tokio Hotel fan site.

For those that are confused……I have nothing against Bill and his love for hair products and eyeliner. And contrary to what Almery thinks, I don’t think, didn’t suggest, or could give a rat’s ass if Bill is, was, or is thinking of becoming gay.

My post was just meant to convey the feeling he invoked upon seeing him on screen, with a dash of humor. Lighten up. Like I said, I’m not against the feminine man. I’m a diehard Duranie! Nick Rhodes spends more on MAC cosmetics in one month than I do in a year. I like Depeche Mode, Placebo, Boy George when he was in his 80s get up……I know what it’s like to have someone ask why your favorite band loves the dark smokey eye! I was scrounging music when Bowie was in his Ziggy days, Pete Burns looked normal, and before Dave Gahan tried to prematurely leave this earth. I appreciate your adoration and loyalty, really I do, but it’s clogging my inbox. Thanks much!

10. Flora - October 25, 2008

Ohhh okaii o_o Sorry about that then, I’m defensive about it thought mostly cause of how almost all TH haters I’ve seen only hate them for their looks, so I apologize :]

11. Jenia - October 26, 2008

Iam saved!!!! I was in love with Pete Burns ,but now he is some one else! And thank God there is Bill Kaulitz. I was waiting all my life for him!

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