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Language is Fun! October 6, 2008

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life.
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As a lover of language (and being a fairly talkative person), I always find it interesting when people say things that can have different meanings to them.  It had been two and a half weeks of being camped in a windowless room, deprived of sunlight with my various coworkers from around the globe.  As our time wound down,  we’d all become a little silly and goofy, breaking into hysterical laughter at just about anything.  It was time for one of us to depart, my newest co-worker, an attractive Argentine.  I will call him AA for the purposes of this blog.  I always love getting to know my international team members.  The accents alone draw me in.  But AA has been a little difficult to explore, so Rira, a few other co-workers, and I had spent most of our time determining his age (25), discussing the revelatory merits of a man’s shoe size…..think about it…….and listing the positive gains of a tongue ring.  Heh

heh heh.  “I just find them gross.”  “Oh come on Rira….think about what could be accomplished….hello!!”  When AA was to leave, our project lead insisted that Rira drive him to the train station, a suggestion she did not begrudge.  While she was out, Beck and I humored ourselves with jokes about Rira being on cloud 9 and if an accent can make up for an inadequate shoe size.  I believe it can!  About 10 minutes after she returned, as we are all heads down and working, our project lead loudly asks Rira if the errand was a success.  “Rira, did you get him off?”  I immediately turn to see Rira’s face turning crimson red.  She replies calmly with “Yes, I dropped him off at the station”  However, it was too late.  The entire room was now laughing hysterically.  As Rira is painfully begging me to stop looking at her, which is deepening her red hue, our PL speaks again.  “Rira, did you take him through the Kiss & Ride lane?”  Whomever it was in the Maryland Department of Transportation that named that lane is a genius!  I expected an answer that she’d used it so he’d have a funny picture to take back to Buenos Aires.  Surprisingly, Rira instead stated that it wasn’t there, and she was looking for it because she would have used it as an excuse!  As I break out into hysterical laughter again, I suddenly hear my PL ask me “Are you laughing at the same thing we are laughing at?”  I won’t lie, I was suddenly confused.  I had not initially heard her ask if he’d ‘gotten off,’ and so the question seemed odd.  Weren’t we all laughing at Rira’s red face and “excuse” comment?  Later, I was told what our PL had said, and had to stiffle my laughter for fear of being called out again.  Later that evening, as we are exiting for dinner, I am commenting on what a funny day it had been.  My team lead, a fairly reserved woman, was laughing with us, explaining that our PL had no idea what she’d said.  And she probably still had no idea.  Suddenly, my TL asks Rira “So did you give him the ride of his life?”  I am shocked and amused.  I begin to laugh as Rira makes a stunned exclamation.  “Make what you want of that” my TL states as she lightly swats my arm.  “Was he holding on tight?”  I begin to laugh again, while Rira repeats her stunned statement.  “Wow!  I think you should loosen up like this more often!” I exclaim!  Suddenly I realize that my TL has stopped and now has a wide eyed, shocked look on her face.  I pause to take in the moment.  “You just realized what you said, didn’t you?” I say to her, my voice deadpan.  She doubles over with an embarrassed laugh.  “You were really talking about her crappy driving weren’t you?”  With her hand covering her face, she answers a muffled “yes!”    Suddenly we are all in hysterics again. 

Isn’t language fun!?!?!



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