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Shame On You ABC!!!!! November 3, 2008

Posted by Alichat in TV.
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According to Ausiello at EW.com, ABC has sacked Brooke Smith, otherwise known as Dr. Erica Hahn of Grey’s Anatomy.  Was it a diva like attitude on set?  A demand for large sums of money in a contract renewal?  Lack of storyline?  Lack of talent?   Why, no!!!  Call it homophobic cold feet.  Yep…after investing in not only the writer’s, actor’s, director’s, producer’s time but more importantly the viewer’s time in building a relationship between Callie and Dr. Hahn, they decided that they just “couldn’t write” for her anymore.  Uh…what??  Hello?  What does that mean?  Apparently this was not executive producer Shonda Rhimes’ decision.  However, she was given the “honor” of delivering the news to Brooke back in September right after she’d completed last week’s episode where Dr. Hahn and Callie have a breakthrough.  When is her last episode?  THIS WEEK!  And the woman just permanently moved her family out to LA.   

I’m sorry but ABC, I have to call bullshit on this.  I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Hahn, but she added a needed acerbic tone to the cast.  She did a great job of filling the void left when Isaiah Washington self imploded.  And yes the irony that Washington was fired for making a homophoic slur, and now ABC is running from an intelligent storyline about a lesbian relationship is not lost on me.  After last season’s disastrous George & Izzie ‘love’ story (a crappy story which we the viewers were tortured with for MONTHS!), the overall decline of Izzie’s character, and the seasons and seasons of Meredith and Derek drama, the possibility of a Callie & Erica romance was intriguing.  A refreshing, and adult storyline.  How remarkable!  And it was pushing new grounds, because honestly, raise your hand if you can name the last serious lesbian storyline on network television.   Yep….didn’t think I’d see any hands.

Shame on you ABC!

To read the full interview, go here…. http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2008/11/brooke-smith-le.html#more



1. Scarlet - November 4, 2008

And on top of that, when she asked to be given a part in “Private Practice” instead…she was told she wasn’t “telegenic enough”…ouch.

2. Alichat - November 4, 2008

OMG, not telegenic enough. Puhlease! Private Practice is tanking anyway. There’s no need to move to a sinking ship.

So Shonda Rhimes is now saying the lesbian storyline had nothing to do with Brooke Smith’s firing, but at the same time she says that, word is that Melissa George’s character is being re-written. Melissa’s character is one of Meredith’s best friends, is supposed to be a bisexual character, and another potential love interest for Callie. But word from the set is that they’ve changed the script and now she isn’t. Supposedly she will now flirt with Callie, but it won’t go past that.

Yeah….the gay storylines have NOTHING to do with these changes.

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