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Uhhhh……What??? January 27, 2009

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life, TV.
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Uhhhh…….hmmmffft……ummm…..so, does this mean I will be reliving my junior and senior high school days?   Ohhh crap.

From TV Guide…..

V Pilot Invades ABC

ABC has greenlit to a pilot for a remake of V, the 1980s NBC show about reptilian alien “visitors” disguised as humans who invade Earth, Variety reports.

Penned by The 4400 co-creator Scott Peters, the reboot will focus on Erica Evans, a Homeland Security agent whose son latches onto the sinister aliens. As in the original, the aliens claim to have benevolent motives for their visit — but don’t.

The franchise’s original creator, Kenneth Johnson, is not involved in the adaptation.

V debuted in 1983 as a miniseries and later spawned a one-season series.

Are you excited for the aliens’ return visit? Who from the original would you like to see drop by?



1. Leah Moak Newman - March 26, 2009

If I have to relive my junior high days, I’ll just slit my wrists right now…

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