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Potty Mouth…. March 22, 2009

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So my mother stopped by today for lunch.  As I was munching on my salad, I mentioned that I have a date for Thursday night.  The resulting conversation is below.

Mom – “Oh really?  Have you met him before?”
Me  – “Well, we met once, but we didn’t get to talk too much then, so we’ll see how dinner goes.”
Mom – “Hmm….so….you’re not going to speak like you normally do, right?”
Me – Pausing mid-chew “Huh?” 
Mom – “Well, you are going to watch your language, right?”
MeLaughing “What the fuck does that mean?!”
Momsighing “Well, sometimes men are put off by women with a potty mouth.” **
Me – “Potty mouth?!  Using the word fuck doesn’t make me a potty mouth.  If I said the word cunt alot, THEN I’d be a potty mouth.”

She grimaced. 

**It should be noted that just last week, she let fly the word fuck three or four times in a phone conversation with me….hee hee!! Granted it was in response to finding out that someone’s passport had gone missing hours before our flight out of the country, but still…..hee hee!!!



1. Archie - March 23, 2009


Me: Owwww!
Dad: What’s the matter?
Me: The fuckin coffee scalded my tongue!
Dad: Watch your fuckin language young lady!

Bemused Silence…

Dad & I ROFL!

2. MERE - March 23, 2009

bwhahahaha – potty mouth.

3. sandybeach - March 26, 2009

I love your mother!!!!

4. Leah Moak Newman - March 26, 2009

Mom – “Well, you are going to watch your language, right?”
Me – Laughing “What the fuck does that mean?!”

OMG!!! Bwaahaaaa!!!!!

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