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I Don’t Think So….. May 7, 2009

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life.
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I’m watching Ellen today, and it’s always entertaining to me when she has Kym Douglas on.  Kym is the author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.  I say entertaining because she demonstrates inexpensive, and sometimes odd (maxi pads in your armpits for sweat issues??), Hollywood beauty secrets.   Today, she says we should wear red to be more attractive because it reminds men of a red va-jayjay.  I’ll pause so you can chuckle a moment………….ok…let’s continue.  She recommends rubbing used coffee grinds on our bums to perk up our boomboom.  I’m sorry, but no.  Besides, aren’t we supposed to use those in our gardens?  Although, if it will perk up your tomatoes, I suppose it can perk up the boomboom.  (Yes, I have a Black Eyed Peas song in my head…sing along why don’t you!)  She suggests to spray a mix of vanilla and distilled water in the air to release seratonins.  Can’t I just buy a vanilla candle?  Flick a Bic, light it up, done!  Lastly, let’s take the ingredients to a margarita, albeit with tons more salt and a splash of olive oil, and use that as a body scrub to cleanse the skin. 

Hmmm…I think I’m with Mere on this one…….”Can’t we just drink the margarita and let it cleanse from the inside?”



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