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My Life In Ruins…. June 4, 2009

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Movies.
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I know….it could be the title of my life at times.  I mean come on, who gets PEs at my age.  And now I can’t drink for 6 months.  But I digress.  What’s this blog about…..Greece!  Well, a movie….set in Greece…..from that Greek Actress (notice I didn’t say Big Fat before that,) Nia Vardalos.  I saw a preview tonight with Mere, my mother, and her friend Debbie.  There was a mix of people in the audience, from senior citizens to teens.  And there was constant laughter throughout the film.  Vardalos once again mines humor from her Greek roots, however this time alot of the humor is how we, non-Greeks, react to the Greek culture.

Georgia came to Greece a year ago to teach and find herself.  She ends up as a tour guide for a run down tour company, shuttling cranky, rude tourists to all the historic monuments of Greece.  Disenchanted with her life, and missing her kefi according to many, Georgia is just going through the motions until she gets a kick in the pants from Irv, the designated comedian of her tour group, portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss, and Poupi (yep…that’s his name), the “creepy, hairy, creepy guy” tour bus driver, portrayed by Alexis Georgoulis.  I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie.  While it’s formulaic and predictable, I expected that it would be funny at times.   However, I did not expect it would be as humourous as it was.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s not all Greek jokes or crazy tourists.  It’s very funny, romantic, and packed with beautiful scenery.  Richard Dreyfuss is endearing as Irving, and Rachel Dratch and Harland Williams as the rude, crass American tourists, are wacky and fun.   

I won’t give away too much so you aren’t spoiled on all the humorous bits.  Besides, some of the best parts of the movie were from my mother and the audience’s reactions throughout the film.  Co-producer of the movie, Rita Wilson, has a small role in the film.  When she comes on screen, you could hear her name travel through the audience.  “Rita Wilson!  Rita Wilson!  Rita Wilson!”  A literal wave of reaction.  So odd to hear.  Then there was the moment when Poupi comes in freshly shaven and shorn, and in the quiet of the theatre I hear my mother say suggestively “Wwwell!!”  I laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants.  The movie ended with a collective “awww.”  No lie.  The entire audience said “aaawwwwww”  Last time I experienced a collective response like that to a movie was in The Sixth Sense when the audience collectively gasped and then pissed ourselvesFinally, as we are watching the credits, I point out to my mother Vardalos’ husband, Ian Gomez, on screen.  Mom lets out a loud “OH MY GOD!” at the realization.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy Ian’s character.  (I didn’t enjoy Ian’s ear hair……please let that have been put there by the makeup artist or have just been some weird camera angle.  Javier with ear hair is just psychologically scarring!!)   



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