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The Week in Review – June 7 – 13th June 15, 2009

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Buffy TVSunday June 7th – As most know, I’m a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan.  I have a large group of friends that I met through that show, and sometimes we have a tendency to speak in Buffyverse.  What can I say?  We love Buffy….it makes us do the wacky.  Sunday, wedecided to induct my friend Sandy into the land of Sunnydale.  Hey, she asked to be inducted.  Besides, we had to introduce her to the original Edward Cullen.  Yep, that’s right…I said it.  Angel was the original Edward Cullen…..minus the sparkling.  Let’s look at the commonalities.  Angel is a vampire, with a soul (although Edward is not sure he has one).  Both were turned early in life (Edward in his late teens, Angel early 20s), both are intelligent and handsome, both feed off animal blood, both move through the normal world, but don’t really interact, both are tortured, both fall in love with a human girl, becoming the love of her life, and feel they are completely wrong for her, and both leave that girl, whom they love for eternity.  There’s also a period where both are tortured by the news that their love is dead, both women having killed themselves.  I know!  The similarities go on and on, but I’m digressing as that’s not the point of my blog.   I miss Buffy.  I miss that world.  There is not really anything on television today that compares to it.  Dollhouse is close, but at times it lacks the rapid fire wit and infinitely quotable lines.  I also miss the episode parties.  We used to get together and watch the show, then discuss it afterward, dissecting the underlying meaning and metaphor while coming up with our own snarky and witty retorts.  The time between the season finale and premiere would feel like an eternity.  Nothing has really duplicated it since…..not even LOST.  Last week it was announced that the Kuzuis, who are the couple that own the rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, are thinking of doing another movie.  They plan to not only have entirely different characters, but also leave Joss Whedon out of the plan.  The Kuzuis have no comprehension of the story and how it should be conveyed.  If you’ve ever seen the original movie, you know that Fran Rubel Kuzui, wife of Kaz Kuzui, can’t direct her way out of a paperbag.  I doubt they’ve developed anymore comprehension over the last 17 years.  Astoundingly stupid idea.   Dont’ mess with Buffy.  You mess with Buffy, you’ll get a stake in the heart.  The fans will be sure of it. 

GwenMonday June 8th –  Concert Day!  I went to see No Doubt featuring Paramore, and The Sounds.  Court and Mere went with.  One good thing from this recession, $10 lawn tickets!  You’ve got to love it.  We spread our blankets out and sat with the sea of fans.  Most were the same age as us, but brought their ‘tweens with them to see Paramore, who’s song ‘Decode’ is on the Twilightsoundtrack.  The show was great, rife withpogo-stick dancing.  I’m sure Abby would have worried I’d dislodge a clot with all the jumping around.  It took The Sounds about three songs to begin to harmonize properly.  Paramore rocked out and sounded great.  No Doubt, the main reason we were there, had a great setlist and futuristic stage decor.  They sounded fabulous!  Although, Gwen Stefani puts women to shame.  The woman had three costume changes, and did push-ups on stage.  She made me want to work out.   I felt fat as I pogoed around the lawn.  I wasn’t even winded, and I felt fat.  Not that it’s Gwen’s fault.   It’s the ice cream, key lime pie, and caramel-dipped strawberries I’ve been consuming.  Hey…it’s fruit…that’s healthy, right?  During the changeover from Paramore to No Doubt, the sound system was blaring 80s music.  I was in heaven.  Girls on Film came on, and I became giddy.  It was appropriate.  No Doubt are Duran Duran fans.  Plus it was Nick Rhodes’ 47th birthday. 

Monaco - 082007 - Nick & Meredith backstageB The co-founder of Duran Duran, youngest of the bunch.  31 years ago, when he was known as Nick Bates, he decides to pick up a synthesizer, raid the makeup counter,  and form a band with his best friend, John Taylor, then known as Nigel.  John’s birthday is the 20th.  I suppose it is fitting that I was born between the birthday’s of the founders of my favorite band.  A Gemini Duran Duran sandwich, where I’m the meaty Duranie filling.  It may have taken god 7 days to create the world, but on the 8th day, we eyelined.  

Wednesday June 10th – Miss California Carrie Prejean is dethroned.  It’s about damn time.  Can’t anyone get this woman to shut up?  Ever since she was tossed, she’s been on every talk show on the planet claiming a conspiracy.  Emails between her and the pageant Executive Director have been leaked to back up the claims that she didn’t fulfill her duties.  She claims she’s being discriminated against due to her stance on gay marriage.  Ok…whatever….shut up.  I don’t care what your stance is.  I don’t want to see you on tv.  I don’t even care about these pageants.  But who do I want to see on tv?  How about the REIGNING MISS USA?!?  Does anyone even know her name?  I do….after I Googled it.  She’s Kristen Dalton from North Carolina.  Why isn’t she on tv everywhere?  How about we actually interview the woman that won the damn pageant??  Why can’t we do this?  Because Prejean is a media whore!  She’s bleeding this 15 minutes of fame completely dry, trying to stretch it out into a couple of days of fame.  It’s annoying and makes me have no sympathy for her.  You know who else is a media whore?  Sarah Palin.  So Letterman made a joke.  Big damn deal.  Turn the channel.  Say you didn’t find it funny and move on.  Instead she says that Letterman’s joke was degrading and advocates ‘statutory rape.’  Whatever bitch.  Like I said, media whore.  She has a daughter who got knocked up, and he makes a joke that she might get knocked up again.  Big damn deal.  You know who really should have been insulted by his jokes….Elliot Spitzer and Alex Rodriguez.  Did we hear anything from them? No!  Why?  Because they’re smart.  They know when to shut up.  See Sarah….it’s stupid grandstanding shit like this that lost you that VP seat.  That, and the fact that your experience in international politics is encapsulated to you being able to see Russia from your back yard.  Still a classic!   

Thursday June 11th – Free movie screening to see The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  I have been a fan of Sandra’s since Speed.  Love that movie.  She seems to have fallen into a romcom career.  Not knocking it.  It was Julia Roberts’ bread and butter until Erin Brockovich.   The problem with most romantic comedies, they are a tad predictable.  What makes this one a standout…..Betty White.  That woman is hysterical.  She reminds me of my grandmother, although a little raunchier.  Even her name is Annie, which was a nickname of my grandmother’s.  Betty White is great as Grandma Annie, chanting in the woods, and feeling up Sandra Bullock’s breasts.  You’ve seen it….it’s in the promos.  It’s a sweet film, complete with the slapstick nude scene.  You’ve seen it….it’s in the promos.  Bullock is fabulous as the driven, overbearing Margaret.  Ryan Reynolds does a great job as her put-upon assistant Andrew.  Too bad every story you ever hear about Ryan Reynolds only solidifies his title as World’s Biggest  Douche.  I wonder what he was like to work with.  But I digress.  The only downside to the film…..seeing it with my mother.  She and her hub were there as well.  It wasn’t that bad, but I have yet to understand why she feels the need to comment and talk during the film as if she’s in her den.  I feel as if I’m talking to my 3 1/2 year old nephews.  Whispering “Let’s use our quiet voices ok?”  Eventually she figures out that not everyone wants to hear her commentary on the scenery, but I just haven’t figured out why I always have to point that out to her. 

Friday June 12th – Nia Vardalos blogged on Friday for Anderson Cooper’s 360.  What did she blog about?  Double standards.  It’s titled “What’s the Big Fat Deal?”, and you can check it out here.   http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2009/06/12/whats-the-big-ass-deal/  It’s disturbing to read that during publicity for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, she was told she was too plain and below average to be the love interest of John Corbett.  And during publicity for her latest movie, My Life In Ruins, she seems to be only getting questions about her weight loss.  She discusses the double standard in Hollywood where Paul Giamatti or Seth Rogan can hookup with an attractive woman without a blink of the eye.  Check it out.  It’s a great read.  She calls Russell Crowe ‘fat.’  Ha!  And speaking of bloating, has anyone seen John Corbett lately?

Saturday June 13th – My hubby is tweeting.  He’s tweeting from Paris, France.  I want to be in Paris.  Why am I not in Paris with my hubby?  Oh yeah….he’s the pretend hubby and doesn’t know I exist.  Why am I not in Paris anyway?  Oh yeah…money.   He’s decided to tweet in French.  It’s not going well.  After returning from the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure (yep…I walked it and my legs are hating me), I find he’s tweeted “‘Je travaille au bibliotheque, avec le pomme de terre.”  ‘I work at the library with a potato.’  See what I mean?  Still, I love him.   Plus he’s reawakening my brain to all the French I learned in high school and college.  Yep, I translated that from memory.  Booyah for me!  Still….maybe it’s slang…..merde….I don’t care.  J’aime toujours mon mari!



1. crashMD - June 17, 2009

Merci & the lines to “Fere Jacque” are some of the only French I recall; but there’s always Rosetta Stone. 8^)

2. Bowler - June 21, 2009

the Proposal followed the basic chick flick formula, but the acting was quality enough that the wife and I actually really enjoyed it

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