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Who Released the Crazies? June 16, 2009

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Monday June 15 – My hubby tweeted again today.  He left France, and is in London again.  Why am I not in London?  He saw Terminator: Salvation today.  I can’t believe he saw the movie without me.  I suppose it would help if he lived in the same reality I do.  I like this reality.  It’s a lovely reality, full of longing glances from my pretend hubby, and free of Speidi and Sarah Palin.  Why won’t this controversy die?  By controversy, I mean the Letterman/Palin crap.  Yep…it’s crap.  It should end.  She’s milking it, and he’s perpetuating it by apologizing to her AGAIN.  Why Dave….why?  I miss the days when Letterman could give two shits what people thought of him.  The Letterman of old would have flipped Palin off and never looked back.  What happened to Dave?  I suppose I should be thankful he doesn’t have Speidi on. 

What the hell is a Speidi?  These two tools have been making the rounds on the talk shows to explain their crazy behavior on that reality show they invaded.  They were on The Today Show this morning and The View.  I had to mute The View.  It was more entertaining that way.  Whoopi Goldberg’s facial expressions and body language were the best part of that interview.  At one point, she began to slide off her chairout of sheer disgust.  I love Whoopi.  She’s been the best addition to The View in it’s history. Why?  Because she can shut Elizabeth up and tell her off in the most polite way.  Love Whoopi.  Hate Speidi.  Speidi…(can you believe they actually refer to themselves by this name??)  are the epitomy of what is wrong with the world today.  I said that weeks ago, and now I hear it everywhere.  Am I taking credit for it, no.  I’m sure I’m not the only sane person who thinks this.  As a matter of fact, it was said this morning on The Today Show, by Al Roker.   “Some weatherman” as the Y chrome side of Speidi stated today.  What a douche.  Apparently Roker’s heavy handed interviewing style made the XY chrome side of Speidi cry.  I’ll pause while you laugh hysterically.  My god, if they thought Roker was rough, I’d hate to unleash Lauer on them.  Matt Lauer might have put the bubbleheaded one into the fetal position.  I’d have paid to see that.  

Speaking of crazy people, Rob Pattinson was attacked today in NY while filming his new movie, Remember Me.  Was he mugged, no, but pretty close.  Someone released the crazies today in NY.  As Rob was walking from his trailer, with bodyguards….plural, a handful of women pounced on him, getting him in a headlock, taking pictures, and hugging him.  A bunch of fucking lunatics.  I don’t understand that crazy.  I’ve never been that kind of crazy.  Even when I was younger and had an excuse to be stupid, I was never that kind of crazy.  I would watch Sing Blue Silver, the documentary of my favorite band Duran Duran, and watch the crazies attack them, fall hysterically on the floor, and cry.  That would never be me.  I don’t understand what a crazy hopes to accomplish by doing that.  The man was trying to do his job.  It’s no wonder he’s paranoid.  How can you claim to be a fan, and be so disrespectful to that person?  What did the crazies hope to accomplish today?  Did they think he’d thank them?  “Wow,  thanks for tackling me on the street and invading my privacy. I love being put in a strangle hold. Want to go out on a date? I have a thing for fucking lunatics.”  

Tell me….who released the crazies today?



1. crashMD - June 17, 2009

It’s all over the place that’s for sure. A few landed at the hospital/urgent care place I’m working at and boy oh boy. :^S

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