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The Only Brit July 3, 2009

Posted by Alichat in Harry Potter, Humor, Movies.
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I love finding out who has been cast as the various characters in the Harry Potter series.   Thursday it was announced that Bill Nighy (Underworld, Love Actually) would be portraying Rufus Scrimgour in the final two Harry Potter films, which are adaptations of the final novel in the series.  Nighy has stated previously that he felt he was the only Brit not cast in a Harry Potter film.  Can’t say that anymore. 

About a month ago, Michael Sheen (Underworld, The Queen, Frost/Nixon, New Moon) tweeted the same sentiment.  Said he felt he was the only Brit who hasn’t been cast in Harry Potter.  Nighy’s announcement reminded me of this comment.  So, yesterday I asked Sheen if he could be in the Harry Potter films, what character would he want to portray?  His reply…..”Dobby’s tranny older brother.”

Best laugh I’ve had all week.



1. O - July 3, 2009

Where’s Colin Firth? Why hasn’t he been cast?

2. Alichat - July 3, 2009

You know O, it’s funny you say that. Total Film put this list out last night, and he’s not on it either. Insanity!!


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