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Andy Roddick Owes Me a Manicure July 6, 2009

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Andy Roddick caused me stress today.  Today was the Wimbledon men’s final.  It was the #2 seed Roger Federer against the #6 seed Andy Roddick.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Listening to all the commentators, Roddick wasn’t going to make it into the second week.  And then he did.  Attention turned to Andy Murray, and Britain was in a tizzy with the hope he would win this tournament.  And Roddick quietly played on.  In the Quarterfinals, it takes 5 sets for Andy to defeat Hewitt.  His next meeting is with Andy Murray.  Again, all the commentators say it will probably be Murray who triumphs.  They say Federer is most likely hoping for an upset.  That he wants Roddick to win since he has better head to head numbers against Roddick than Murray.  And he got his wish…..in four sets.   Roddick even apologizes to the crowd for defeating Murray and dashing their hopes for a UK player claiming the trophy.  And this morning, most people looked at the pairing and assumed it would be a very one sided match.  Boy were they wrong.

Watching today’s match, I hadn’t been stressed like this since Agassi played.  Andre was the only tennis player who’s matches physically and emotionally wore me out.  Today, Roddick did the same.  I found myself wringing my hands, fist pumping, jumping around, and exclaiming loudly at the television.  (This last reaction startled the hell out of the dogs)  I was standing arms crossed in an attempt to not gnaw my nails to bits, rocking from side to side leaving permanent indentations in the den carpet.  I found myself chanting “ace it, ace it,” and I’m not a big fan of ace heavy matches.  It’s one of the reasons I found Sampras’ games rather boring.  I like the ground strokes.  I like the rallies.  I like the lighting fast returns down the line, and the cross court shots that defy the laws of physics.   But I was rooting for Roddick and his 1000 mph serves. 

Roddick was playing gorgeous tennis.  Federer appeared to be stunned in the first set, which Andy won.  Federer won the second set in tie break, a set .  Andy should have won.  He was 6-2 in the tiebreak, and Federer won the next 6 points.  Some he won, some Andy gave him.  Roger seemed to wake up, and I had to find something to do with my hands.  My nails were suffering terribly, and I’d wrung my hands so often, they were bright red.  I retreated to the kitchen to cook something.  Do you know how difficult it is to chop onions while looking over your shoulder at the television?  Luckily, my knuckles survived, but I have a kink in my neck.  In the 4th set, Andy tumbled, and remained on the ground a little longer than normal.  A quiet descended over the court.  Did he roll his ankle?  Pull his groin?  Honestly, I’d never been so worried about the groin of a man I’m not intimately involved with.  I resigned that my nails would not survive the match.  In the end, Federer won the battle and his 15th Grand Slam title, but Roddick made him fight for that bitch!  

It was heartbreaking to absorb the expression on Roddick’s face at the end of the match.  But Roddick should be proud.  He may not think it now, but he played a beautiful game.  And I hope one day he can look back on this match and say “I played some damn great tennis.”  Andy went 5 sets against the #2 seed, 5 time champion.  Four hours and 16 minutes of aces, volleys, cross court forehands, and ripping backhands.  There were rallies that were 22 shots long.  The 5th set alone was 30 games and 95 minutes long.  95 MINUTES!!!  The only time Roddick was broken was the last game of the match.  It took Federer 4 hours and 16 minutes to break him!!!  He had 6 other chances to break him, and couldn’t convert them.  77 games before he could convert a break against Roddick.  Federer may have won, but just barely.  Roddick made him produce 107 winners and 50 aces, to counter Roddick’s first serve percentage of almost 80%, with serves at 145 mph.  Today’s tennis is how Roddick should have been playing since he won the US Open in 2003.  I want to see it at this year’s US Open.  I hope to see him win Wimbledon next year.  Today’s tennis is what he was born to play.  It was entertaining, exciting, and tense.  It had me on the edge of my seat.  It had me gnawing my nails to bits.  I loved every minute of it (except that last game in the 5th set, of course.)  By the way Andy, did I mention my nails?  You owe me a manicure.



1. Tennis Scoring - July 6, 2009

We really are getting spoiled in these Wimbledon finals. I wasn’t expecting this years to come close to last’s with Fed’s track record against Roddick. However Roddick played like an absolute champion. I was going for Federer before the match but must admit that I actually switched over to the Roddick camp after seeing how well he was playing. He truely deserved to win and if he didn’t let Fed come back in that second set tie-break I think he would have. It was heart breaking to see Roddick lose after all he put in to the match and the tournament. However he has done so well coming back and playing as good as the best of them after being written off by the critics and even himself. I hope he gets another grand slam title soon. However well done to Roger, he’s a true champion and has written his name as probably the best ever with his 15th grand slam win.

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