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Superheroes and Marathons August 23, 2009

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life, Movies.
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I know, I know…..where the hell have I been?  Over a month since my last blog.  I confess, I have started a few blogs, but haven’t finished them.

While cleaning the house today, I stumbled upon the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend. An Ivan Reitman directed comedy starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson.  Odd pairing, right?  It didn’t help that Luke seemed a little bloated in the film at times, almost allowing the viewer to track the order in which the movie was filmed.  Hey….we all gain weight, so not knocking him.  I’m just saying it rather came and went throughout the film.  Anyway, it was an alright movie.  Would I have it on the TV next time I’m mopping the kitchen floors, sure.

The cast also included Anna Faris, Wanda Sykes, Rainn Wilson, and Eddie Izzard.  With a cast like that, you’d think there would be more laughs.  Sadly no.   Anna Faris, who can really deliver comedy, wasn’t allowed to be a funny playing a fairly straight character, and Rainn Wilson, who also has comedic chops, was the funny best friend who wasn’t funny at all.  And don’t get me started on Wanda Sykes, who’s part consisted of breezing into a scene, accusing Luke’s character, Matt, of sexual harassment, and then calling him crazy or some other appropriate adjective.  Who made me laugh in this movie?  Eddie Izzard.  “Kill? I didn’t say “kill”! I said “neutralize”! It’s a neutral word… like Switzerland!”  I know.  Not the funniest lines on the planet, but when delivered by Eddie, I laughed out loud.  Even when he mumbled “Stop calling me Barry.” Maybe it’s because I am such a big Izzard fan.  The man could read the side of a cereal box, and I’d laugh hysterically.  So, there you have it.  My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Take it for what it’s worth

On a side note, I should mention that Eddie Izzard has currently been running marathons across the UK to raise money for Sport Relief (the sporty part of Comic Relief as Eddie says.)  1100 miles.  30 miles a day.  6 days a week.  I believe he is on his 24th marathon and is in Ireland!  He’s been tweeting daily about his treks, supplying pictures along his route, and occasionally doing a gig here and there.  I know!  I thought the man was a transvestite not a narcissist!  If you want to read how this started, go here. Eddie’s Blog If you care to donate to the cause, visit here.  Donate Please give…..before Eddie’s feet fall off and he’s unable to wear Uma’s knee high super hero boots.



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