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Dancing With the Stars – Season 9 – Day 2 September 23, 2009

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As some of you know, the only reality tv program I will watch in this sea of reality shows is Dancing With The Stars.  I’m a dancer, so I like it.  Why haven’t I gotten into So You Think You Can Dance?  I don’t know.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  But I always post comments about the shows on another site, and decided, the hell with it, I’m posting them here.

Ok, so this season….16 couples….two nights of dancing…..double elimination today.  EEK!  I didn’t bother with comments on the men from Monday night’s show.  Had company at the house and couldn’t make notes.  (Yep, I’m that big of a geek…I make notes during the show.)  I will say however, that I think Louie Vito, Aaron Carter, and (as much as I hate to say it) Donnie Osmond will be the men to beat.  As for the woman, I think it’s Kelly Osbourne, Natalie Coughlin, and Joanna Krupa that are the tops right now.  Mya is good, but I am wary of her being able to keep that level throughout the show.  So, we’ll see.  Who will go home tonight?  I have no idea!  The ones that got high scores don’t have a huge fan base.   The ones with low scores have the larger fan base.  So, I’m scratching my head.  Who should go home?   Macy Gray, and maybe Ashley Hamilton or Michael Irvin.   That’s what I’m thinking, but I don’t think Macy is heading for the door.  So…thoughts on the show last night….

Opening – Is it just me or does Kathy Ireland looks like a zombie?   It’s her expression I think. It’s plastic…and not in a Botox way.  Her face hasn’t moved in two days, and I don’t recall her being that tall.  But she’s 5’10” and probably in 4 inch heels, so that tells me the men aren’t that tall.

Debi & Maks – Oh Debi. Her arms are sloppy. Maks choreographed a complex dance but she got a little lost in it.  It looks like Maks is tossing her around like a rag doll.   And she’s leaning back while dancing.  Also, am I the only one who thought Maks was being awfully flirty with Debi?  I hate to say it, but it was like he’s trying to bother Karina.  Score = 16

Melissa & Mark – She needs to complete her lines, but she did well.  Her shoulders are still up too far, and she needs to learn how to turn and spot.   She looked very uncomfortable and nervous.  Score = 18

So, on the toss to commercial, Mya tosses her partner into the backdrop. Nice. LOL!

Mya & Dmitry – Mya is smoother than Melissa, but she needs to point her toes and straighten legs.  UGH!  Nothing uglier than having grace and then sticking a leg out with a flexed foot and bent knee!   Score = 21  Side note…I’m surprised Len hated it so much.

Kathy & Tony – Oh Kathy…she was so stiff. And no hip movement, but she’s trying.  They need to put her in slightly lower heels I think.   And as I said earlier, she’s tall (5’10”), so she needs to extend her steps, extend her arms….dance BIG!  (I feel like doing jazz hands when I say that) She’s dancing too small.  Side note, I had an ‘oh dear’ moment when she made the God comment.  Just not sure I want to hear that all season. Score = 16

Natalie & Alec – She was nervous, so her dancing was choppy at first.  And she was really low on energy, which was surprising, but she can do the hips!  She needs to work on the perma-smile needed when dancing.  And loosen up a bit….show some personality.  Score = 19

Macy & Jonathan – Speaking of tall!  Macy is 6 foot!!  Poor Jonathan.  Just seeing her slouchy posture as she walks in, I can tell he’s going to have a hard time.  Macy…Momma always said, please close your mouth!  She did so much better than I thought she would from a posture and gracefulness standpoint.   She was smoother than I thought she’s be, but her footwork wasn’t great.   Score = 15

Ok…I dropped jaw when she said she finally “busted her cherry”!!!!  And seeing that it cracked the judges up……I laughed so hard I cried.

Joanna & Derek – So she made a visible misstep, and she needs more flow in her dancing.  But she can do the hips, and has alot of potential.  She seems to pause while dancing, so she’ll need to work on her flow.  Hello!! Cameraman in the way!  While I liked their dance, and Derek is fantastic at choreographing to his partner’s strengths, they didn’t move much on stage.  Score = 24

Kelly & Louie – Kelly was very graceful.  I was genuinely happy to see that.  There were a couple of mess ups, but very well done.  Her posture was fantastic.   And she looked in shape.  There were a couple of stops and pauses, but overall very well done.  Len thought it was the best of the night.   Score = 23

I can’t decide how I feel about the relay dances. Will this only be for the first week?

Relay Foxtrot – Natalie – good, smoothe, her arms needed work, but sharp feet, and good posture.  Kathy – great posture, smoother than her first dance, still no hips, and hesitated on the floor roll, so it looked bad.  Joanna – misstep, good choreography again, what the hell is with her hair???  Debi – great spins, small pause, but better. Still, the arms.  Ranking order = Joanna, Natalie, Debi, Kathy

Relay Chacha – Macy – She still has that mouth open, footwork needs help, and she’s not moving those hips.  Melissa – She’s stiff, and needs to learn to extend.   Mya – Best so far, has hips, but please straighten the leg woman!  Kelly – Needs to work on hips, and keeping the perma-smille, her arms were flailing a bit, but tight, clean twists, great, and footwork was good except for the one mess up.  Dear Kelly, do not let your face show that you’ve messed up.  More this  emoticonbigsmile, not this EmoticonSurprised Ranking order = Mya, Kelly, Melissa, Macy.




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