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Big Head James and the Vampires September 25, 2009

Posted by Alichat in TV.
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As most people know, I am a vampire fan.  My favorite show is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I love Angel.  And I am a Twilighter (not a Twi-hard mind you), so naturally I had to check out Vampire Diaries.  I had not heard good things, so I have been expecting it to suck.  After tonight’s episode, the third, I am still on the fence, but am tempted to try the grass in their yard.  (hmm…yes, I just made myself a cow in this metaphor.)  Anyway, the pilot left something to be desired.  The two leads, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley as Elena and Stefan, had about as much chemistry as a 5 year old’s toy science kit.  And it seemed Paul was trying to pull his best broody Boreanaz.  David did it better, and without as big of a head.  (I’ll get to that in a minute.)  And I had a hard time buying Ian Somerhalder as a bad vamp.  Ian portrays Stefan’s brother Damon, who relishes their vampire life as much as Stefan hates and rejects it.  I like Ian better when he’s trapped on an island in the South Pacific. His character in Vampire Diaries is cardboard and one dimensional.  It was not until tonight that the writers gave him some depth, showing him longingly stroking Elena’s cheek as she slept.  (What is it with vampires watching a woman while she sleeps??  Angel?  Spike? Edward? Damon?  Thoughts?)  But I do wonder how long this story can go on.  How long can you stretch out the ‘two-brothers-in-love-with-the-same-woman’ story?  Guess we shall see since the CW has ordered 9 more episodes of the show.

On a side note, I wonder if they will write into the storyline an explanation for Stefan’s big noggin?  What is it with Kevin Williamson and actor’s with big heads?  He had James Van der Beek in Dawson’s Creek who’s enormous head still baffles me.  And now he has Paul Wesley, who’s colossal cranium looks to be twice the size of Nina and Ian’s. It’s distracting.  I can’t stop wondering how he can hold it up.  He must have some strong neck muscles.  Ironically, I discovered tonight that his head looks smaller when he smiles. (Not so with Van der Beek.)



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