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The Grass is Full Of Holes October 10, 2009

Posted by Alichat in TV.
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Friday night, I watched this week’s Vampire Diaries. (Yay for the DVR!)  Earlier I had posted that I was on the fence about this show but was tempted to try the grass in their yard.  But their grass is full of holes, so I think I might just stay in my yard.

I got really frustrated with this week’s episode, the 5th so far.  My last post, I was lamenting about how long they could drag out the two-brothers-longing-for-the-same-girl story.  Now I’m lamenting the lack of time being spent on certain plot points. Things are moving just a tad too fast.  We’re five episodes in and so far, Elena and Stefan have met, started dating, fallen in love, he joined the football team, won over her ex-boyfriend, and are just the new uber cute couple on campus.  By the end of the fourth episode, Elena is questioning Stefan’s every move, arguing with him about how he’s keeping things from her…an arguement which spills into the 5th episode, and ends with her discovering that he’s a vampire.  Her constant questioning and insistence that he was keeping something from her was so aggravating, I found myself talking to the television telling her to let it go.  They just started dating three episodes ago.  That’s about the equivalent of three weeks, maybe a month.  I’m sorry, but must she know his entire history this soon in their relationship?  Is that really a deal breaker as she stated in this week’s episode?

And Stefan’s secret.  Whenever confronted by Elena over even the smallest thing such as being late to a dinner date, all he can muster is that something came up.  Ok, you’re a centuries old vampire and you haven’t learned to lie effectively?  You can’t muster up a half decent excuse for the smallest indiscretion, and you expect your human girlfriend to not figure out you’re a vampire?  The things that Elena zeros in on or raises her eyebrows about in the episode, could easily be written off.  And they should be written off.  Elena sees Stefan and Damon’s names on a document from the first Founder’s Day party, and Stefan can’t conjure up the lie that those are ancestors of his and the names have been passed down through the family?  A classmate’s grandfather, whom is labeled “Alzheimey” by his granddaughter, recognizes Stefan from 50 years ago.  Stefan can’t just lie and say that he must be thinking of his Grandfather Salvatore whom he resembles and is named after.  No, he just stammers out a denial and quickly drags Elena from the restaurant.  Subtle.  Way to not draw attention to the elephant in the room.

And speaking of drawing attention, why would Damon reappear in Stefan’s life and start killing so many people in town?  If the goal is to torture Stefan, or as alluded to in episode 3, steal Elena from him, why would you go on a killing spree in the town you were previously banished from thus drawing attention to the fact that you, the vampires, are back??  Wouldn’t you want to be able to move around town without suspicion?  Now we’re 5 episodes in and Damon has attacked and enthralled Caroline and killed numerous people in town including the football coach, Vicki, and Uncle Zack.

Speaking of Uncle Zack, were we supposed to care that he was killed?  Or Vicki for that matter?  Damon dispatched them both before we were allowed to become emotionally invested in them.  There’s been no time invested in building the audience’s emotional attachment to any of the characters.  Everything is moving along too fast.  And if you don’t build your foundation well, the house of cards won’t remain standing.  We’ll see how it goes over the remaining episodes, but I’m not holding my breath.

Oh, and a side note to the writers…..digital files of news reports from 1953?  Come on!!  Could we not have Elena scanning microfiche for the newspaper article?  This is a small town, and I highly doubt their little news station will take the time or have the equipment to take old news reels from 50+ years ago and upload them to digital files.  AND, enhance them so much that someone could zoom in on Stefan….standing in the shadows of the doorway of his house…..in the background of the reporter…..a good 20 feet away…..and get a clear, ungrainy, and suddenly bright picture of him.  Yeah….ok….riiight.



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