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Cleaning Out The Cobwebs June 5, 2012

Posted by Alichat in Life, Random.
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OH. EM. GEE!!!

I have neglected my blog. Why….I don’t know. Laziness? Procrastination?  Out of sight, out of mind? Yes. No. Maybe. All of the above. Don’t know. And I’m not sure what has more cobwebs….my attic or this blog! I think I will start posting more here. Perhaps this is where I can rant best. See, I lost my job two months ago. Laid off…….the big “job has moved overseas” answer. Yeah, okay, whatever. Oddly, I was kinda okay with it, being burned out with the work I was doing. Would I have quit my job…..probably not. But I tried to embrace this as a chance for rebirth….to change my life….do something that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning, not something I have to get out of bed for. What is that something? I don’t know yet. I can’t seem to find that ready-made job where I can get paid to participate in or talk about TV shows, movies, books, music, or basically anything else that interests me, allows me to travel, hang at the beach, set my own schedule, and get well paid for it! I know, it’s not like I’m asking for the moon right? If anyone knows what that job is, let me know. I’ll hop on the express train to that job in a heartbeat!



1. DR - June 6, 2012


Glad you’re working to clear the cobwebs – was wondering if I had bookmarked this link for nothing. Best of luck in the re-imaging of the career path.

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