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Feast Yer Ears….It’s The Accent June 11, 2012

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Movies, TV.
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I’ve been looking forward to the new movie Brave for quite some time.  Not just because it’s a Pixar film, appears to be quite funny, and looks visually breathtaking.  Mostly I think it’s because it’s set in Scotland.  I love UK accents….Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.  Perhaps it’s because I am a decendent of that area, or maybe it’s because Scots sound so upbeat and festive when they speak!  Think about it!  It’s the lilt and perhaps because most stories revolve around and/or involve alcohol.  The latest TV spot is my favorite, but not for any reason that pertains to the movie.  I am a fan of Kevin McKidd (basically the only reason to keep watching Grey’s Anatomy) and am always startled to hear his natural accent, which he seems to dance in and out of effortlessly. It seems to get thicker when he’s around other Scots. So, the first time I ever saw him on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, another Scot I adore (even if he did block me on Twitter…why? no clue….hmpf!), I literally could not understand a word coming out of Kevin’s mouth!  It was an odd feeling for me because I am good with accents, but I had to rewind the program a few times before I finally heard an anchor word.  Now the interview just makes me laugh, but at the time I did wonder if I’d suffered a stroke or brain injury and suddenly couldn’t understand my native language! That’s why I like this TV spot the best.  At about 35 seconds in, Young MacGuffin is speaking to his father Lord MacGuffin (both voiced by Kevin McKidd) and that’s how he sounded in the interview. The reaction from Lord Macintosh (voiced by Craig Ferguson) is how I felt at the time. Check it out!



1. AProblemShared - June 11, 2012

I am looking forward to an ass kicking redheaded cartoon heroine! Hasn’t been anything like it since Mulan!

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