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I Can’t Be The Only One June 12, 2012

Posted by Alichat in Random, TV.

The music is iconic. I remember it from childhood.  It was a cultural phenomenon and made icons not only of its cast but also its location.  It spawned a spin-off and a few TV movies.  But really, I can’t be the only one.  I just can’t be the only one. What am I rambling about?  Dallas 2.0…..otherwise known as The New Dallas.

Yes, we're all in towels because that's what people in Dallas do.

Yes, we’re all in towels because that’s what people in Dallas do.

Why was this show remade?  Who thought this would be a good idea? How desperate for money are Larry Hagman, Linda Grey, and Patrick Duffy?  Do we really need a new show about a family obsessed with oil, money, power, and sleeping with each other’s girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/wife/husband/housekeeper/gardener/new-neighbor-two-doors-down-and-across-the-street?  There are just so many things about this remake that look ridiculous.  Let’s start with the infusion of young actors. Josh Henderson (no, not the actor from The Hunger Games) is John Ross Ewing, and Jesse Metcalfe is Christopher Ewing.  Are we trying to sell these guys as the offspring of JR and Bobby?  Hagman is 81 years old.  Linda Grey is 72.  Patrick Duffy is 63.  Shouldn’t these actors be their grandchildren!  They are both around 30, but look like they are in their early to mid-20s.  But even eliminating the age of the originals, let’s look at it from a continuity standpoint. In the original run of the show, there were three actors who portrayed John Ross and Christopher from 1983 – 1996. By the time they had their last appearance in the TV movie from 1996, both were in their early 20s.  That should put the characters in their late 30s now.  Picky? Maybe, but continuity lapses really bother me.  And are there no other women to date in Dallas?  Apparently one of the causes for the tension between John Ross and Christopher is a woman.  The cook’s daughter, who was going to marry Christopher, but didn’t and is now laying with John Ross. Ridiculous, clichéd, and stupid.

I can’t be the only one.   Well, it would seem I’m not.  Tim Goodman from The Hollywood Reporter ripped the show to shreds.  Check it out here.

What do you think?



1. Kirsten - June 13, 2012

Not too interested either. Got into Dallas a little; but not like alot of girls back in the 80’s.

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