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Rummaging September 3, 2012

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For almost a year now, I have been putting together a family tree, chronicling both the maternal and paternal sides of my family.  I’m not quite sure why I can find myself digging for hours.  Ancestry.com offered a free 14 day trial last year, and I thought what the hell, let’s see what they have.  I have been compiling data ever since.  I suppose it’s not an odd thing that I am doing this.  I am sort of known as the family historian….the story-teller per se. Stumble across a picture you know nothing about and I can usually tell you where it was taken or at least who is in it.  This is especially true with pictures of my brother and sister.  Sometimes I can rattle off a story that goes along with it.  Either something from first hand memory or something conveyed to me by another family member.  As a child I was jokingly called “the recorder” because I could rattle off verbatim a conversation someone just had or something I had just seen on television, and I could repeat it non stop.  (Perhaps I should have used this ability to become an actress???) There is a ridiculous amount of pop culture trivia rattling around in my brain. So I’ve always been pretty confident in my memory.

Yesterday I was rummaging through boxes of photos at my mother’s house.  (Yes, these are the things that happen when you ask me to take care of your four dogs while you are on vacation!) My mother and I had been planning to sort these pictures anyway, and get alot of them scanned.  Photos from 100 years ago of my great-grandmother and her parents.  Black and whites of my great-grandfather and his 11 siblings. Shots of my grandmother as a child, buried in stacks and stacks of photos of myself and my brother and sister.  My goal in today’s rummage was to find a stack of photos of my mother and father’s wedding.  The surprise stash my sister and I found at my grandmother’s house when sorting through her things after her passing.  As I was digging through boxes and flipping through pictures, I was startled at the amount of stuff I don’t recall. A small photo album of friends from high school, and I can only remember half of the people in these pictures.  Report cards from grade school to high school that my mother kept, reflecting a few average to bad grades in subjects that I like or am pretty good at now…..history….language…..math.  I have no recollection of these grades.  (Even got an average one in PE?? How’s that possible?? I have been dancing since I was 3. You’d think I could muster an above average in playing dodge ball!!) In my head, I was always a pretty good student. Not excellent, but above average.  Nothing like my brother mind you….the straight A student. (You suck Jon…oh,  I mean, love yooooouuuu!)  It got me wondering why I remember some things, and not others.  Granted I know I recall certain things because they were significant moments in my life. But why don’t I recall alot of my Jr High and Sr High years?  I look at those photos and think, ‘why didn’t I retain this?’  I don’t think those years were really bad.  What do I recall?  That I hated having my picture taken. That I had really big hair. That I hated the way I looked, even though I was a stick. Five foot nine and 125 pounds.  Oh to be anywhere near that now! I have to admit, the grades were a little depressing to see.  Did I have no drive or focus as a child?  I recall a strong desire to learn when I was younger, and having it squashed one day by my 2nd grade teacher after she told me that I couldn’t write my name in cursive on my tests.  Her reasoning: because no one else in the class knew how to write in cursive, so it wasn’t fair to everyone else.  My query as to how everyone else would be seeing my test paper to know I wrote in cursive fell on deaf ears. (Thanks Ms. Long Perhaps the lack of drive and focus I have now regarding my job search has been with me since childhood?  Then again, it could just be that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, so searching for a job in the field I was in previously so I can pay my bills just doesn’t make me want to dance a jig. Anyway, I’m digressing.  What was I talking about?



1. Dennis - September 4, 2012

A noble effort to nail down family details before everyone who would know has gone on. Or, I looked up my family tree and found that I was a nut. Or, my family tree is basically a straight line.

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