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Entranced By The Words September 6, 2012

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What makes a good writer?  Must a truly inspirational writer who creates an emotionally mesmerizing piece of work be a tortured writer?  Are beauty and perfection only created from pain?  These are the questions I pondered after seeing tonight’s screening of The Words.

Written and directed by Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, The Words is a beautifully layered story of Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper), a struggling writer living in New York with his wife, Dora (Zoe Saldana.) Rory and Dora, together since college, eek out a quaint and loving life in a tiny loft apartment, with Dora teaching and Rory working in the mailroom of a publishing house. Rory has been writing for a while, and after numerous rejection letters for his first novel, begins to wonder if he will ever be the writer he wants to be, the writer his wife believes him to be.  He discovers in an old worn bag a small novel and becomes entranced.  The love of those words, that swirl in his mind and infect his dreams, causes Rory to make one bad decision.  He presents the novel as his own and gets it published.  Rory’s star rises, and he, somewhat reluctantly, becomes the darling of the literary world.  Now a best selling author, his first novel rejected by so many, will soon be published, and all is good in this fictional world he has created. Until one day, when The Old Man (Jeremy Irons) appears.  The writer of the discovered novel.

Welcome to reality. What do you do when faced with the living proof of your deception? How do you make it right?  Should you make it right? Can you make it right?  How does this one choice, born from want and desire, made in a moment of fleeting rationalization, how does this choice affect everyone around you? This is what we are presented in The Words.  The beauty of this movie is how the story unfolds. We hear Rory’s story through the words of famed writer Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid), who is reading excerpts from his novel to an audience of fans.  Through all these words, as we unfold the layers, we see the consequences of the choices made not only by Rory, but also by The Old Man. We see that Rory and The Old Man, born into vastly different lives, have made the same bad choice in life.  They chose their love of the words over the love of their lives.

The Words is filled with a stellar cast and layered together so beautifully, you can’t help but be pulled in.  Jeremy Irons delivers some of the most revelatory lines of the film with that distinctive voice of his.  And Bradley Cooper is intense and heartbreaking.  I loved this movie. There is so much more than what I have revealed in this blog.  I love that it didn’t end with any of the scenarios I had swirling in my head.  I love that it left me pondering ‘What makes a good writer?’

So, this must have you wondering, why was I pondering those questions at the end of the film?  Well, you’ll just have to see the movie to find out.



1. moses11 - September 6, 2012

I haven’t seen the film but as a young writer those questions are ever present in my mind. How do I tap into the deeper levels of the human psyche if I have not experienced the full spectrum of the human condition?

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