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Movie Trivia Geeks Beware!! September 13, 2012

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Our status as those that are unbeatable at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon can now be challenged!!!  Now there are two tools to help those without movie trivia sponge brains beat us at games! Google has built a new tool into their search engine which will tell you someone’s Bacon Number.  If you are scratching your head right now wondering what a Bacon Number is, I’ll tell you.  But first, my god man, you need to get out more!

The game was created back in the early 90s by a couple of college students based upon the theory Six Degrees of Separation. The theory states that everyone in the world is only separated by six degrees, or six steps. Meaning you can be connected to anyone in the world by “a friend of a friend of a friend,” etc.  For example, I am two degrees from Nathan Fillion.  Last year, I met Molly Quinn, who portrays his daughter on Castle.  Me to Molly, Molly to Nathan.  So, since Kevin Bacon has been in so many movies with large or high-profile casts, pretty much everyone in Hollywood, via a movie role,  can be connected to him by two degrees.  So their Bacon Number is 2.  (That’s my number too!)

So, now Google is making it easier to win that drinking game or pound out those pie pieces in Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit.  Give it a shot!  Type ‘Bacon Number’ and an actor/actress’ name in the search bar and hit enter.  Or try it with a sports figure or politician. US Open Champ Andy Murray gets a Bacon Number of 4. (Although, on the first tool, The Oracle of Bacon, Andy Murray is a 2)   It’s not perfect, as Dan Amira at New York Mag discovered, but it’s good enough to cause you to loose hours of your day!



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