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Yes Sir Cap’t Tightpants! September 21, 2012

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I would be remiss if I didn’t do a small, but loving post about one of my favorite television shows which premiered 10 years ago today. (Well it was today when I started this post….on Thursday Sept 20th.)  Yes, ladies and gents, Captain Tightpants was introduced to the world on this date in 2002!  Who is Captain Tightpants?  Captain Mal Reynolds of the ship Serenity on one of the best shows on television…….Firefly.  Yes Castle lovers, he was our Captain before he was your Castle.

Firefly is the Emmy winning, third show created by mastermind Joss Whedon.  Why yes Avengers fans, Mr Whedon created kick ass TV shows too! It is a space western which followed nine characters: the five man crew (Mal Reynolds – Nathan Fillion, Zoe Washburne – Gina Torres, Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne – Alan Tudyk, Kaylee Frye – Jewel Staite, and Jayne Cobb – Adam Baldwin) of the Firefly class ship, Serenity; their three passengers (Shepherd Book – Ron Glass, Dr Simon Tam – Sean Maher, and River Tam – Summer Glau), and one renter, a companion named Inara Serra (Morena Baccarin,)  as they travel through space taking odd, sometimes illegal, jobs and try to stay one step ahead of the Alliance…..and Reavers.  Set about 500 years from now, in a world were Earth is decimated, and we’ve  moved onto other galaxies.  These worlds are now governed by the Alliance, a government created basically from the combination of US and China.  They speak in English and Mandarin Chinese….well mostly they curse in Mandarin Chinese.     (FYI…that’s Christina Hendricks at the beginning, and Zac Efron at the 1:07 point)    Certain groups live on the “raggedy edge,” living as best they can, surviving as best they can, outside of Alliance reach.  Spouting witty dialogue, memorable catchphrases, emotionally compelling, and complex…this is the crew of the Serenity.  I’m not doing it any justice in my explanation sadly, but it is a fantastic show.

It was abruptly cut short by Fox, and I won’t get into the whys, but that move caused a firestorm of backlash from fans.  However, positive things came from the cancellation.  Fans, known as Browncoats, snatched up the DVD sets, convincing Universal to greenlight the feature film Serenity (giving us not only Joss Whedon’s feature film debut, but one of the coolest film openings since Matt Damon floated in the Mediterranean Sea.)   Since 2006, fans have organized charity screenings of the movie to raise funds for Equality Now, a charity, supported by Joss Whedon, which promotes the protection of human rights for women all over the world.  Books, tee shirts, bands, CDs, comics, role playing games, and hundreds of fan made You Tube videos.  Even the final season of Fringe has been credited to Firefly, with actor John Noble partly attributing their 5th and final season pick up to the show….and perhaps Fox’s desire not to insult the fans again by not giving a fan favorite show proper time to wrap up!

If you haven’t seen the show, check it out! (Spoilery tease for Fillion fans…..you see his naked bum….that is all!)  It’s on Netflix….airs occasionally in marathons on Science Channel and Syfy.  Serenity airs often on USA Network and Syfy, but don’t watch it there.  They edited it so terribly. You have to see the full version. I’ve attached a fan made video below of some of the best lines from the tv show and the movie.  Shiny!



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