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Hearing Voices October 15, 2012

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life, Movies, Random.
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I’m hearing voices. Well, actually, I’m recognizing voices. Let me ‘splain.  Saturday, Abby and I rented a couple of movies from Redbox (Safe House and My Week With Marilyn….definitely must sees!) and while I was prepping dinner for the grill, we stumbled across a movie on Showtime that is apparently one of her favorites.  Timeline.  Ever seen it?


Me neither.  Actually, I think I’ve seen it once, but not all the way through. So, at first I couldn’t even remember the movie until I spotted Paul Walker and then bits of the plot came back. “That’s the movie about those people who time travel back to some medieval period in France to rescue that dude’s father who time traveled before them, right?” And, yes, that’s essentially the plot. (It’s based on a novel by Michael Crichton, and was directed by Richard Donner…in case you’re interested in checking it out. I’ve never read the book, but based upon reviews it seems the movie was Hollywood-ized a bit.  Also it seems this one got the Superman II treatment as well…..poor Richard Donner.)

So, I resumed prepping food with my back to the television. But I then found myself identifying the cast based upon their voice. “Hey! That’s Billy Connolly! Didn’t know he was in this.” Honestly, how can you not recognize Billy Connolly’s voice?? It’s not a completely weird occurrence that I am naming actors by voice, since I do it alot with commercials.  Don’t know why, but I find myself answering them with the actor’s name.  “Thanks Julia Roberts, but I don’t really care if Nationwide is on my side.”   “I like all the cute doggies in the ad David Duchovny, but why is a sex addict pitching Dentastix?”  “Uhh….Mr Peanut? Why do you sound like Iron Man??”  Yes, these are the things you do when you are single, have no job!,  you’ve got no money, and the main conversationalist in your house is your dog.  Anyway, I ended up naming most of the main cast by voice.  It ended when I tossed out “Now I know you recognize THAT guy!”, having honed in on David Thewlis’ voice.   I thought for sure she would recognize Professor Lupin!  Nope. She didn’t even recognize him when she was looking right at him!  Remember, she’s seen this movie LOADS of times.

The funniest part of my “Name That Actor” game was Abby’s reaction when I heard the voice of the lead actor and said in my best Scottish brogue “That’s Gerard Butler!”   “WHAT?!?   Are you serious?  I love him!  I had no idea that was him! No wonder I love this movie so much!” Again….this is one of her favorite movies, and she’s seen it LOADS of times. To be fair she did recognize Michael Sheen although she identified him as “what’s-his-name from that movie.”  He was buried under all that armor and hair, so points to her for that I guess.

Anyone else find themselves identifying actors or actresses simply by their voice?  Can you name a movie just from the opening music?  Not sure why I can do this so well, but I wish I could turn it into a career or apply it to something else in my life……besides a neat party trick.



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