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My No Good, Very Odd Tuesday October 18, 2012

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John gifting his book to friend Nile Rodgers (Photo courtesy of DD)

When I woke up Tuesday, I was nervous and worried, but I thought it would be a good day. I plopped down in my chair with my coffee, cereal, and banana and flipped on the Today Show. They had scheduled an interview with one of my favorite people on the planet, John Taylor, co-founder and bassist in Duran Duran. DD is my favorite band, and their music is one of the few things that can pull me out of a funk, perk me up….just basically turn my frown upside down! They weren’t performing today, but John was on the show to promote his new autobiography, In The Pleasure Groove. I can’t wait to get the audiobook so I can hear it read in John’s beautiful, but slightly Americanized, British accent and calming cadence. So, I’m thinking this day won’t be so bad. Any day that starts out with Duran Duran is a good day, right?

GAH! I spent my morning dealing with customer service people who didn’t do their job properly. Word of caution, if the customer you are speaking with

is someone who used to train CSRs on how to do their job, it’s best to do your job well and without error. And if I call to lower my cell phone rate, and ask not to change my text plan, since I have about 1000 texts a month, do not move me to a pay-per-text plan! That will make me very angry! So after dealing with this mess, I ended up in an even bigger debacle…..a job interview. A job interview I had scheduled a week ago. A job interview that I prepped for, researched for, and thought I was somewhat prepared for. I practiced the hands on testing I might get during the interview……called former co-workers and bounced thoughts off them…..asked all my friends for positive vibes….aaaannnnddd nothing. The interview was a mess. It was the oddest interview I have ever been on. Granted, I have not been on a huge amount of interviews in my life, but still, it’s never a good thing when the interviewer forgets your name at the beginning of the call.

“Hello” “Hi…this is Joe Smith from Acme Company. Is this…uh…..**shuffling papers**…..uh…..Alichat?”

Yes, that starts things off nicely. The interview went pretty much downhill from there with a declaration that my resume didn’t show I’d done any work in this career, although my last job had been in this career, and my resume had been submitted to him from a recruiter that specializes in this job role. It was peppered with alot of me saying “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re asking me.” It was weird, and did not leave me with a good feeling once I got off the phone. I decided to squash that feeling by drowning in Halloween candy. I don’t know why I buy Halloween candy that I like to eat or so early in the month. I spend the last two weeks of October fighting the urge to turn myself into a giant Tootsie Roll.

I thought maybe the evening would be better since I had passes to an advanced screening of Alex Cross starring Tyler Perry. For my thoughts on the film, the post is coming next. But just know that it may be influenced by the fact that I had to watch the film with the WEIRDEST AUDIENCE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Seriously. Weird. Let’s forget that the theatre didn’t plan well, so we weren’t even let in until 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. That’s ok. They waited until we could all buy popcorn and such. But there was a woman who brought her baby, who is probably about 4 months old. Strapped to her chest in a Baby Bjorn, the infant cooed and babbled throughout the movie. A movie that has a few scenes of mutilation in it. Ooookay. Again, because somehow I’ve seriously screwed up my karma, I was surrounded by talkers. And you know what I think of people who talk in the theatre….take it away Shepherd Book…. Two in front of me. Two beside me. And four behind me. All talking throughout the film. All talking loudly, as if trying to speak to someone three rows in front of them, when the recipient is the loudmouth beside them. Actually, the theatre seemed to be filled with talkers. One particular woman felt the need to yell things at Tyler Perry. She was on the other side of the theatre, but loud enough that we could all hear. It seems Alex Cross really didn’t know that he was talking to the killer, so she had to let him know. And come on, I doubt Cross knew that he wasn’t driving fast enough to catch the bad guy. She had to encourage him to drive faster?! There was some cheerleading, “You go on Alex Cross! **clapping** You go!” Occasionally, she would just make a loud obscure sound of exclamation at quiet moments in the movie. Then, large portions of the audience would laugh at the movie. At Alex Cross, a movie about a Detroit detective/profiler dealing with a lunatic assassin. Ooookay. They would break out into fits of laughter like they were watching a Madea movie. Tyler Perry would say something, and they’d laugh. I rubbed my eyes a couple of times to try to wake myself. Had I dozed off at home in front of the tv during a Madea movie? The laughter was especially hearty when Perry would say a line that Madea has said on many occasions, such as “that’s what I’m trying to tell you.” It is going on my list of oddest movie viewing experiences.

These are the days where you wish Hermione Granger’s Timeturner really existed. Twenty-four turns please! That should be enough.



1. Dennis - October 19, 2012

Yep, that’s why I don’t like to go to movies

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