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The Twi-Twist and Agent Hashtag November 20, 2012

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These last 7 days have been a blur.  I’ve seen 5 movies this past week (6 if you count that I saw one of them twice….all reviews coming shortly,) and taken care of 7 dogs.  I’ve taken care of 2 houses, scheduled 3 appointments, gotten 4 inches whacked off my hair (although it appears it may be 6,) and dealt with 1 family drama. It was so much, yesterday I decided to be a vegetable.  Well, a vegetable searching for a vegetable dish.  I’m trying to find something healthy for this coming Thursday’s Turkey fest….otherwise known as Thanksgiving….that will counteract the ham-filled dishes my grandmother makes, and the carb-loaded meal at my mother’s house. So far I’m leaning toward a quinoa dish with butternut squash, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds.  Sounds good, no?

So last Thursday I was sitting in one of our local theatres (support your locally owned theatres yo!) waiting for the 10pm showing of the last Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2.  I had heard all about the big twist, and uncharacteristically, I didn’t read any spoilers or make any hypothesis on what it could be.  I had a thought here and there, and Abby had told me her hypothesis, but otherwise, I hadn’t given it much thought.  Owen Gleiberman with EW.com stated in his review that it was “one of the most shocking moments in the series, yet also one of the lightest.”  That really had my interest peaked. I decided I wanted to experience the surprise, and I’m seriously glad I did!  I, and 399 others (surprisingly a lot of guys,) were ready to go when they kicked off the 10 minutes worth of trailers (all adaptations of YA novels of course….and a Catching Fire teaser…woot woot!)  I’m not complaining mind you. It’s loads better than the 10 minutes worth of Coke, TV, and car commercials that you get at the chain theatres.

I loved this movie!  Stephenie Meyer’s last novel in the series is loaded to the hilt, and Part 2 covers the last half of the book which has werewolf and vampire mythology, at least 30 new vampires, a hybrid baby, lots of vampire sex, and a big damn showdown. The questions were this; how do you introduce everything and everyone without slowing down the narrative, and how do you stay true to the story while still making it a visually stunning and entertaining movie?  I have to commend director Bill Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg for pulling off a complex yet exciting and funny adaptation.  Speaking of funny, someone kiss the person who cast Billy Burke as ‘Charlie Swan.’  Best casting in the series!  And everyone was right.  The twist was shocking!  I highly recommend seeing the movie with a full theatre.  There were loud gasps, laughter, and cheers.  A group of guys even stood up at one point and began cheering and fist pumping.  For the first time in my life, I, at one point, raised both fists in the air and loudly exclaimed “yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!”  The only problem with seeing it with a crowd are the squealers.  They who squeal upon seeing Taylor Lautner’s abs.  There were three particularly loud ones seated next to my group who also talked throughout the film, even after everyone around them requested that they shut. the. hell. up!  Midway through the film, at a nice quiet moment, the chatty ringleader got up to exit for whatever reason, stumbled over a bag of popcorn, and fell flat on her face!  Peals of laughter erupted in the theatre.  Someone suggested it was the 5 inch heels she was wearing.  I like to think it was karma!

Funny Or Die released a video today that they did with Kellan Lutz, who portrays vampire Emmett Cullen.  It’s all kinds of fantastic!  Check it out!  And go see Breaking Dawn Pt 2…..it’s worth the ticket price.  Plus….Lee Pace…hello!!



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