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Warm Bodies December 7, 2012

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Warm Bodies posterMaybe I’m a zombie.  They are dead, and I kinda feel dead right now.  Damn sinuses!  They wander aimlessly through life, occasionally bumping into others.  I am currently an unemployed, semi-hermit, so aimless.  They are pale.  I’m somewhat pale.  They don’t dream, because well, they don’t sleep. I don’t sleep much. They are driven to eat bad food.  In my case though, it’s just potato chips and all things carby.  In their case, brains.  Gross.  Ok, so maybe that last part eliminates my induction into the zombie world….well that and the fact that they don’t exist.  But that’s a question I tossed around after seeing Warm Bodies last night.  The movie is a metaphor for how our life isn’t life without connection.

Based upon the novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies is about R (Nicholas Hoult,) a zombie with a witty inner monologue.  This is unique since, per R, we are lead to believe that most zombies don’t think.  But R does.  He’s a thinker,

and a collector.  It’s 8 years since the zombie apocalypse, and R has no idea how he became a zombie, who he is (although he knows his first name starts with an R,) how to speak, or how long he has been wandering aimlessly…..slowly…..through the airport.  But he knows he is lonely.  After a conversation of grunts with his zombie friend (Rob Corddry,) they head for the city to find something to eat.  A large section of the city is walled up to protect those who have not been turned into zombies, or corpses as they are called.  Groups of soldiers are sent out to scavenge, and today the group of 6 or 7 soldiers includes Julie (Teresa Palmer.)  R and his posse of corpses attack Julie and her team.  Amidst all the shooting and brain eating, R sees Julie and is smitten.  Aided by some brains he just ingested (I’ll let R explain that when you see the movie,) he can now speak a word or two and brings Julie back to the zombie airport.  They hide out in his plane.  Oh yeah, he has a plane he’s turned into his home complete with items he’s collected (including a fantastic vinyl collection) over his wanderings and brain eating.  R and Julie develop a relationship, and it’s this connection which begins to have a profound affect on him and the other zombies.  It awakens his heart….figuratively and literally.

I hate saying this, and will probably regret typing it, but I will bet money that this film will be compared to Twilight.  (Actually EW.com has already done it.)  Same production company (Summit Entertainment,) same cinematographer (Javier Aguirresarobe,) same music supervisor (Alexandra Patsavas,) the story is based upon a popular YA novel, the main character narrates a lot of the film, the lead actress looks like a blonde Kristen Stewart, and the story is about a dead guy who falls for a living girl that he has a strong desire to eat.  But this is not Twilight.  Directed by Jonathan Levine, whose previous directorial foray was the fabulous 50/50 (If you haven’t seen that film, rent it now!), Warm Bodies is a romantic comedy and a freakin’ funny film!  (Yeah say that fast 5 times!)  R is witty, curious, and sarcastic. Hoult portrays him with such likability and heart that you’re really not that grossed out when he’s munching on some brains. Seriously!  Teresa Palmer as Julie is smart, strong, and yet still sweet and vulnerable, even after surviving a zombie apocalypse. There are moments that poke fun at how connected and yet disconnected we are now as a society, and hilarious site gags.  Plus, the supporting cast of Rob Corddry, Dave Franco, Analeigh Tipton, and John Malkovich (as Julie’s dad) are perfect.  Warm Bodies is a funny and touching story about the importance of human connection.  Plus……BRAINS!!!!



1. yourothermotherhere - December 7, 2012

Sounds like a winner to me!

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