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How Did I Miss That?? January 9, 2013

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I’m a pretty observant person.  Usually I notice expressions on someone’s face that others missed.  Quick looks of disgust or surprise.  I usually notice the tone in someone’s voice expressing doubt, surprise, or annoyance when others miss it completely.  I spot relatively unknown actors in movies and television shows.  As friends can attest, I will even spot a certain Angel-ic vampire stunt man whenever he pops up on screen because I’ve met him in person.  I catch continuity errors during the first viewing of a movie.  I remember details of books I’ve read and can usually point you to the chapter where a certain incident happened.  I don’t say all these things to brag, but I am pretty well known among my friends for this propensity.  (If anyone knows of a way I can make a living using this skill, let me know!!)  So yesterday when Abby pointed out something in a book that I completely missed, needless to say, I have not taken it well!   

        Five and a half years ago when the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released, Abby was in the hospital.   So, since she missed the midnight release party, the pain medication was messing with her vision, and all her friends had now read the book, I offered to read it to her.  I’m no Jim Dale, but I was able to contain my excitement and surprise her with the ‘return of Percy’ scene and Fred’s final scene.  She was sick again over the holidays, so, not one to buck tradition, I have been reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire to her.  Yesterday I was reading Catching Fire, and Abby asked a question that never crossed my mind the two other times I have read this book:   “Why doesn’t Peeta’s family live with him in the Victor’s Village?”   It seemed an absurd question  to me.  Me – “They do.  He’s only like 16 or 17.”  Abby – “Well….then why is he going into town to check on his family?”  Me – “I guess because they are at the bakery working, and have been up since the crack of dawn.”  Abby – “But earlier, he said he was going into town to have dinner with them.”  Well if you’ve read the books, you know there’s probably not a nice restaurant in District 12.  Twice I’ve read this book and completely missed this significant point, which is odd because I love Peeta in the books.  I quickly scanned previous chapters to see if I missed something, but Katniss only ever refers to Peeta living in the Village, not his family.  A Google search only pulled up one mention of this on a Hunger Games forum.

So, am I the only one who missed this when reading the book?  Did you catch this?  It seems such a blatant thing to pick up on…now.  But I completely danced right over that when reading the book initially.  It makes sense, to an extent that they wouldn’t be living with him.  In the first book, we’re given the impression that, as the youngest child, he’s not given too much importance.  He confesses that his mother believes he will die in the arena when he’s chosen as a tribute.  And we know from Katniss’ bread story that his mother’s way of showing her disappointment is by beating him.  That couldn’t have been the first time she’s done that.  And while we are given a positive picture of his father, in the story Peeta tells in the arena cave, and when he visits Katniss to tell her he will watch after her family if she doesn’t survive, you can’t think too much of a man who will allow his wife to beat their child.  Right?  So the only issue is Peeta’s age.  As a government that exudes so much control over its Districts, I can’t see them being okay with a 16/17 year old kid living by himself in a gigantic house, even if he is a victor of the games.  What are your thoughts?  It adds a depth and sadness to Peeta’s character, yes?

While you’re noodling that around in your noggin, the new issue of Entertainment Weekly is all about Catching Fire.  I have attached the cover below. There’s also an exclusive photo from the movie on their Facebook site, which will probably appear in the magazine.  I am interested in seeing what they’ve left out of the story, since you know something is always cut.  Hopefully I won’t miss it!

EW-Catching Fire Cover



1. Jeyna Grace - January 9, 2013

I cant wait to catch it 🙂

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