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Deja View January 11, 2013

Posted by Alichat in Humor, Life, Movies, Random.
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R Gets WandedYesterday I got four passes to two new screenings of Warm Bodies.  Yes, I know I have seen it already….a month ago…but I liked it, and was interested in seeing if they’d changed anything.  After switching my 7pm tickets with someone’s 7:30pm tickets, I was able to get Courtney and Morgan into the same screening with me.  Movie partaaaaaayyy!!!  The movie is still funny, sweet and witty, but there were changes.  Most of the changes were dialogue related.  R was given a little more to say.  And some of Rob Corddry’s dialogue was altered.  One or two scenes were added.  But all in all, the film was still the same.  It made me wonder what feedback they had received from the previous screening that would make them feel the changes were needed.  You don’t usually see movies as they go through these slight changes and tweaks, unless you work on the production team.  The closest thing we, as viewers, get is the TV edit, where cursing is dubbed, sometimes poorly, to meet the Broadcast Standards & Practices.  Because you know, you may be morally destroyed if you hear the word shit before 10pm on a Tuesday night!  The other example would be the expanding of the Lord Of The Rings trilogies, where Peter Jackson added an extra hour to each film on the DVD releases.  I didn’t really understand some of the dialogue changes where cursing was added. Not that I’m a prude, it’s just that there were points were it didn’t make the scene funnier with the language.  An example of this is in the trailer (below) at the 2:09 point.  Corddry’s character tosses a Boney and says “shoot this!!”  In the altered version, he says something like “shoot this fucker!”  Again, humor is still the same, so I don’t see the point.  But what do I know right?

Regardless, it was a fun evening with friends, although I’m not sure Abby had fun when we first got there.  Because these screenings are before the release dates, and there is a huge piracy problem, you are typically searched and wanded before entering the theatre.  Since we’d gotten there so early, we were part of the first 20 or so to enter.  As we walked up to the entrance, I passed the table to check my cell phone and walked up to the security checkpoint.  As I began to open my purse for inspection, the rep, whom I’ve seen numerous times at screenings, looked up quickly at me, smiled, and said “Ah, you’re a frequent viewer. You can go on in.”  Surprised, I thanked him and kept going.  I am a stickler about getting a seat near the top, so I like to get in and get seated.  I know…diva-like.  Why would I question the pass right?  Abby, who was right behind me, was stopped.  As I looked over my shoulder, I see her give me an exasperated look as she says “But I’m always with her at these things?!”  To add insult to injury, he then peers into her purse and jokingly says “Got your whole life in here huh?!”  The rub to this is Abby has a tiny crossbody purse which could hold maybe a third of what I have in my satchel.  My satchel has, among other things, my wallet, glasses, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, grocery bag, gum, and a tape measure.  I won’t lie.  It made me laugh!



1. Abby - January 11, 2013

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