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Snitch…..And Not The Harry Potter Kind February 20, 2013

Posted by Alichat in Movies.
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Yesterday was not a happy day.  Actually the last few days haven’t been all that happy.  Not that anything bad has happened, but there are just times in life when you’re not…..up.  Times where you assess your life, even when you don’t really want to but your mind decides to roam anyway.  Why am I not working that perfect job by now?  Why is my personal life cobwebby?  Being single and experiencing Valentine’s Day….meh.  Why do those you thought you could count on disappear when you need them?  Is it me?  Is it them?  Why should I bother attending my college reunion?  I mean really…how many of them have bothered to keep in touch with me?  Should I move or should I stay here? How long have I had this haircut?  And why doesn’t hair color last as long as it says on the package?  Should I clean my bathroom or put it off another week because, hell, I’m the only one that uses it?!  Why must my sinuses always be wonky in the winter? Have I not lived here long enough for them to be acclimated to the roller coaster weather?  Why am I always out of creamer? When did my house get so dusty?  Is that a zit?!  Silly silly brain!

Snitch posterSo, since I’m not a fan of myself when I take a pity bath, I decided some mindless entertainment was necessary.  I got last minute tickets to a screening of Snitch, the new Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson movie.  That should be mindless, right?  And full of action since it’s got The Rock in it, yes?  My only wish for this film was that it didn’t include that pec pop trick that he does, which completely ruined the movie Journey 2. I know I know, it wasn’t a spectacular film anyway, but the second that bit was added to the story as some sort of comical bonding moment between Sean and his step-father Hank was the moment the movie became ‘Josh Hutcherson and The Rock’s Journey Through the Jungle.’  Meta people….way too meta.  Anyway, out into the rain I went with Abby tagging along.  I guess she needed mindless entertainment as well.  By complete coincidence, we ended up sitting next to the arm grabber from Mama, which made for some funny chatter before the film began.

The movie was pretty good.  Not as action packed as I expected, but still entertaining.  It’s more of a suspenseful, tense drama than a full-on action flick, regardless of the big semi crash you see in the trailers.  Johnson portrays John Matthews, the successful owner of a commercial construction company.  His estranged teenage son, Jason (Rafi Gavron), makes the stupid mistake of accepting a shipped package containing a big ole bag of ecstasy from his drug dealing best friend, who fails to mention that it’s being tracked by the DEA.  He’s promptly arrested and charged with distribution.  It seems his best friend had no problem taking advantage of the Federal drug policies which gift those arrested with sentence reductions if they turn in their accomplices, regardless of whether they really are accomplices.  Jason refuses set up any of his friends and falsely accuse them of using or selling drugs, so he’s sent to jail with the promise of 10 to 30 years from Federal DA, Joanne Keegan (Susan Sarandon.) She’s angling for a Congressional seat, of course.  John offers to get drug evidence for his son, and that’s when things begin to go awry.  The film is based upon a script written almost 10 years ago which was inspired by a documentary on the drug policy changes, so I’m not sure if those policies are still in effect, and how old this ‘true story’ is.  Regardless, it’s a compelling story with a great cast including Melina Kanakaredes as Jason’s mother, Jon Bernthal as Matthews’ employee Daniel, Benjamin Bratt as Juan Carlos Pintera, Michael Kenneth Williams as Malik, and Barry Pepper as DEA agent Cooper.  It should be noted that Abby determined that this movie was great just because of the casting of Barry Pepper.  Apparently she loves Pepper even if he looks like a roadie for ZZ Top.

Roadie wannabe or not, he and Gavron were the most convincing of the film.  While the movie was entertaining, The Rock, was a little stiff.  The bulk of the drama is him reassuring others that he’s going to take care of things.  There are a few moments where he’s crying with his son that were well done but a some scenes needed more emotional depth.  Of course it didn’t help that director Ric Roman Waugh used hand held cameras for those emotional scenes.  Not sure what he was thinking there, but it was really aggravating during the close-ups of their faces.  All in all, it was a good movie.  If you’re a fan of Dwayne Johnson, definitely go see the film.  It’s a new layer to his acting resume.



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