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Evil Dead March 23, 2013

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So….they were free passes.  Sometimes I can’t turn down free passes.

Yes…that is Jane Levy (Tessa from Suburgatory)

Wednesday night, I had passes to see the remake of Evil Dead.  I am not a big fan of gory horror films, but there are a few I like.  Slither…..The Exorcist….Cabin In The Woods28 Days Later to name a few.  Some I refuse to see like the Saw series for example.  I have only seen the original Evil Dead once, but even die hard fans will tell you the plot isn’t that complex.  But when something is a remake, you have an expectation that it will be better, yes?  It was really pretty much the same.  Five friends gather for a weekend together, Mia (Jane Levy,) her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez,) their childhood friends Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Olivia (Jessica Lucas,) and David’s girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore.)  The film was gory and gross, like the original.  Chock full of mutilations, amputations, and projectile fluids.  There were many loud exclamations of “GAH!” and “Oh my God that’s gross!”  It was set in a cabin out in the woods, far from civilization, accessible only by a bridge that gets easily washed out in a small rain storm.  A female character is assaulted by the woods. (If you’ve seen the original, you know what I’m talking about.)  And it contains an evil, evil book.  See, pretty much the same.  The ending is slightly different which I’m assuming is due to Diablo Cody being co-screenwriter.

One thing this new version did do was remind me of why I dislike most of these movies.  It’s the stupidity of the characters.  I found that I was more tense from aggravation than any bit of suspense or fear.  Like when they find dead animals and witchcrafty things in the basement of the cabin, crowned with an evil, evil book wrapped in barbed wire, and decide to stay.  Or when Eric, who for some reason looks like he just stepped out of a late 70s film, decides to not just open the evil, evil book, but read it…..OUTLOUD.  Let’s just ignore the violent and strange pictures in the book, the archaic language, and all the warnings to not. read. the. book.  There is the obligatory dumb blonde.  The undeveloped character, the somewhat outsider to the others who decides to trust Mia even though she’s been possessed for the last 45 minutes of the film.  Everyone tells her not to do it, even the audience, and yet she still does, to dire consequences.  This is why I prefer horror films like Cabin In The Woods or Slither.  Because they are smarter, and have humor.  A little dash of humor always makes things better.  Also, there is a level of normalcy set at the beginning of the film before all the strange and creepy things begin to happen.  Evil Dead starts out creepy with no level of comfort set at all.  If you’re a fan of these types of films, I say go see it!  The tagline says it’s ‘the most terrifying film you will ever experience.’  I am just glad the ticket was free.



1. Shakkan - March 30, 2013

Too bad it sucked :(. I liked the trailer and the original is DUMB but its funny as hell. I love it. Anyway, I will check it out when it starts screening here, on April 4th I guess.

Great blog, I love it!

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