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Benedict Cumberbatch is Eeeevil!!! – Pt 2 May 17, 2013

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Star Trek Into Darkness PosterAnd Zachary Quinto is perfection as Spock.  Last night’s viewing of Star Trek Into Darkness (in IMAX 3D ‘natch) was fantastic!  JJ Abrams’ sequel is action packed, emotional, and has a cast who are so in sync with their characters, you completely forget about the original incarnations of these iconic space travelers.

I will try not to spoil the plot in any way, but I think it will be hard for you to avoid spoilers after this weekend.  Hell, I couldn’t avoid being spoiled on Twitter, when I accidentally read a tweet from actor Matthew Lewis as I was heading into the theatre.  Guess you can take him out of the Neville Longbottom costume, but you can’t take the Neville out of him.  Wanker!  But I digress.  Back to Star Trek Into Darkness.  The story is tight, humorous, and compelling.  Opening with the tense, yet funny scene on Nubira where the Enterprise crew is trying to save an indigenous race from a volcano, a lava pit where Spock is trapped and prepared to sacrifice himself, the film takes off like a rocket from there.  An impressive rocket at that, as watching the Enterprise rise from the ocean floor, large and looming with that booming score, is not only magnificent to see but also makes you giddy for what will be coming next.  Along with the original crew, three additional cast members are added to the roster; Peter Weller as Admiral Marcus, Alice Eve as Science Officer Carol Wallace, and Benedict Cumberbatch as former Starfleet Officer John Harrison.  Everything that has been said about Cumberbatch is true.  He commands the screen.  As Harrison, he is forceful, arrogant, and mesmerizing.  Delivering wicked monologues one moment in that beautiful voice of his, and kicking the crap out of Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk, and basically everyone, the next with some fabulous fight choreography.  He was the best choice for this role.  But the real surprise was Quinto as Spock.  Not that he hasn’t proven his mettle in portraying the half Vulcan/half human First Officer, but he was allowed to stretch his acting chops in this outing.  Spock is experiencing relationship issues, as most humans do.  He’s accessing his human side more in this film, traversing the ups and downs of a dating relationship, and getting into some slick battles.  This is not Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, and really it shouldn’t be.  Quinto, as Spock 2.0, delivers these moments with intensity, sometimes a sly grin, and 90% of it is in the eyes. The remaining cast deepen the heart of the film, solidifying the family they have become.  From Simon Pegg’s Scotty, still wickedly funny, flailing around at times like a red-shirted Kermit the Frog to Zoe Saldana’s Uhura, who is a force to be reckoned with, as Spock discovered during a poorly timed quarrel.  John Cho’s Sulu loses the sword play for a commanding go in the captain’s chair, and Karl Urban gives us a hilarious moment of flirtation as Bones.

Star Trek Into Darkness is deserving of the critical praise.  Visually stunning with smart, thrilling action sequences intertwined with witty dialogue, and several iconic Star Trek references (a true Star Trek fan has to laugh at the ‘red shirt’ line and a certain furry creature,) it is the perfect movie to kick off the summer season.



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