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The Ho-Hum Internship June 5, 2013

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Usually Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are a fabulous pairing.  Wedding Crashers was hysterical and sweet.  I was hoping The Internship would be as good as that film, but frankly it was a bit of a disappointment.  I expected to laugh more, but it was less comedy and more feel-good, self-help, inspirational.

The Internship movie poster

Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) are watch salesmen who seem to be the only ones who didn’t know the company they work for is a sinking ship.  John Goodman, in a blink and you miss him role as their boss, neglected to tell them.  Now unemployed and in need of a new career, Billy devises a plan to get them hired at Google.  They finagle their way into the summer intern program where they compete against hundreds of college students for 5 coveted spots to be a Google employee.  Sounds like there could be some great scenes there, yes?  Two established workers trying to connect to their team members from a field of idealized and jaded students.  Part of the problem with the movie is that it doesn’t really get into a good pace until Billy and Nick get to Google and connect with their fellow team members, a group of misfit geniuses portrayed by Tiya Sircar, Dylan O’Brien, Tobit Raphael, and Josh Brener.  So we have to sit through a sales pitch dinner with a client, the ‘what the hell?!’ conversation with their boss, and a couple of scenes to establish they have personal lives before it starts to get entertaining.  These pre-Google scenes were slow, and not that funny.  And because they weren’t very deep, the movie doesn’t really establish an emotional base for these two characters.  Sometimes the conversations between Nick and Billy, with Vince Vaughn’s lightening fast delivery and Owen Wilson’s pleading banter, are groanworthy.  It’s a lot of rah-rah, 80s references, ‘stick with us guys’ moments.  There is a funny sports competition, and the team of interns Nick and Billy are paired with are entertaining.  There’s not a lot of time spent getting to know them, but there are at least some revelatory moments.  Raphael, as the home schooled neurotic Yo-Yo, has some of the best lines.  As you can imagine, Google is prominently featured.  Product placement to the nth degree, it’s a great sales pitch for why you would want to work at Google.

One thing that I found oddly distracting was Owen Wilson’s hair.  I don’t know why.  Honestly, I wish I could tell you the reason, I really do, but there was something about it.  It was overly mop-topped.  Boy band-ish at times, and just all over the place in others.  And I don’t know if it was his hair or the lighting that made his nose stand out.  Most everyone knows that he’s broken his nose quite a bit giving it a personality all its own.  But, it stood out in this film. And I found myself just staring at it.

I saw The Internship with free passes, so it was entertaining for the price.  But I wouldn’t pay more than matinée to see it unless you are the world’s biggest Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson fan.



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