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Homeland In My Hometown June 6, 2013

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Homeland Cast ChairsMonday and Tuesday of this week, Raleigh, NC became our nation’s capital.  Well, part of it became Washington, DC.  A few streets and some of our government buildings in downtown stood in for DC on the tv show Homeland.  The cast and crew of the Emmy winning show popped into town to film a few scenes for the season 3 premiere.  Typically filmed in Charlotte, Raleigh was utilized for this episode because we have a few more buildings with lovely granite exteriors that look reminiscent of the marbled buildings of DC.  And they liked the look of our courtroom in the Justice Building, and the interiors of the State Capital Building.  

As I headed downtown to check out filming, I was hoping to see Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin being that I am a Princess Bride-loving Browncoat.  I was hoping to be the 1 billionth fan to ask Patinkin to do his Inigo Montoya line.  Rupert Friend and Claire Danes were the only main cast members here.  (If you’ve seen the season 2 finale, you’ll understand why I had no hope of seeing Damian Lewis. If you don’t know anything about Homeland, you’re missing out. Seriously…what’s wrong with you? Netflix it!)

Monday’s filming was all interiors, so I only saw Claire Danes for a few seconds as she darted to the van to head off for lunch. I spent the afternoon chatting with the crew and getting to know the great people who are responsible for putting this show together.  Around 120 men and women brought business to three hotels in the area, and multiple restaurants in the city for two nights.  Most are NC natives, have worked in this industry from 5 years to 30 years, and love what they do!  I couldn’t get any season 3 story information out of them (dammit!) but they were happy to answer the multitude of questions I tossed at them about lighting, cameras, props, and rigs. And we also chatted about House bill 994 which would remove the film incentives and essentially cause them to lose their jobs. Yes, yes…I like to talk!

Tuesday was mostly exterior filming.  Sadly, I missed Rupert Friend because he filmed early in the morning, and had left by the time I got there at 11:30.  He filmed a scene at a playground which was standing in for Philadelphia.  My only consolation was this picture I found on @WNFIV’s Twitter feed and taken by user @mrcoupland.  I did see Claire Danes filming a scene where she is walking into a building with her lawyer, portrayed by Amy Morton. I got a nice one of her smiling while they were chatting.  Oddest moment of the day was when a fellow fan asked to take a picture of that picture!  That was a first.

There was an additional exterior scene where Claire walks out of the Capital Building and answers the phone.  I missed it because I was hanging out with the crew at the trucks.  I probably wouldn’t have gotten a photo anyway because security was stopping all photography since there was dialogue in the scene and fans were so close to the filming.  I did try to get a shot of the set-up after they had wrapped, and a crew member teasingly blocked my shot.  I attached his big head below.  LOL!  By 5pm, they had wrapped and most of the crew was packed, and on the road to Charlotte. All in all, it was a nice break from my normal day, and a fun, exciting two days for downtown Raleigh!

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Most of the cast and crew who filmed the last two days. The director is standing next to Claire Danes. Check out the two crew members in the doorway.

Most of the cast and crew who filmed the last two days. The director is standing next to Claire Danes. Check out the two crew members in the doorway.



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