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Gravity is Breathtaking September 20, 2013

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I mean that figuratively and literally. Director Alfonso Cuarón’s (Y Tu Mamá También, Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban) new drama set in space had me holding my breath, clasping my chest, and clenching my fists at various times during the hour and forty minute journey. I thought I’d have a small problem viewing the film, being set in space, and you know, that whole lack of air issue. But there is so much more that grips you. Since this was an early screening, I expected that we’d have some talkers in the theatre. And you know how I feel about people who talk in the theatre.*  They always seem to follow me, and considering how loud people were just entering the theatre last night, I braced for the aggravation. Aside from the occasional ‘Oh my god’ from the woman next to me, there wasn’t a peep from anyone in the theatre. Not a word. Abby felt it was a testament to how fully the audience was pulled into the film, and I have to agree.

Gravity 2013 Movie Poster
begins in complete silence to a spectacular view of earth from space. (more…)


Paranoia‘s Not Smart Enough August 18, 2013

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Paranoia PosterI attended a screening of Paranoia Wednesday night, thanks to some free radio tickets, thinking that I would be treated to a smart, edgy, thriller.  With such a great cast; Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Josh Holloway, Liam Hemsworth, Richard Dreyfuss, Amber Heard, Julian McMahon, how could it not be?  Sadly, it was a disappointment.

Paranoia is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Joseph Finders.  It’s about a young programmer/developer named Adam Cassidy (Hemsworth.) A ‘bridge and tunnel’ kid raised by his working class father, he has high ambitions and a bit of an ego.  Adam works for Nicolas Wyatt (Oldman) at his global tech company, Wyatt Enterprises.  Wyatt is the former protegé of Jock Goddard (Ford,) the founder and head of Eikon Industries.  Goddard and Wyatt are now bitter rivals, each trying to outsmart the other to be the leader in the tech industry.  Adam, after botching a major presentation to Wyatt and getting (more…)

The Way, Way Back is Way, Way Good! July 17, 2013

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I was excited to get last minute passes to see The Way, Way Back.  The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, plus any film description containing the words ‘indie’ and ‘Steve Carell’ is a 99% guarantee that the film will be fantastic.  Carell as Trent, however, is not the quirky, quiet, shy, downtrodden, or lovable guy you usually see in these films.  This go around, he’s pretty much a douche.

The Way Way Back bannerThe Way, Way Back focuses mostly on actor Liam James (The Killing,) who portrays 14 year old Duncan, son to Toni Collette’s Pam.  The movie opens on him sitting in the back seat of an old school, wood-paneled Buick station wagon.  Yep…the ones with the bench seat that faces the back of the car.  (more…)

The Ho-Hum Internship June 5, 2013

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Usually Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are a fabulous pairing.  Wedding Crashers was hysterical and sweet.  I was hoping The Internship would be as good as that film, but frankly it was a bit of a disappointment.  I expected to laugh more, but it was less comedy and more feel-good, self-help, inspirational.

The Internship movie poster

Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) are watch salesmen who seem to be the only ones who didn’t know the company they work for is a sinking ship.  John Goodman, in a blink and you miss him role as their boss, neglected to tell them.  Now unemployed and in need of a new career, Billy devises a plan to get them hired at Google.  They finagle their way into the summer intern program where they compete against hundreds of college students for 5 coveted spots to be a Google employee.  Sounds like there could be some great scenes there, yes?  Two established workers trying to connect to their team members from a field of idealized and jaded students.  Part of the (more…)